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All information and images published on the Millsaps web is subject to intellectual property rights and copyright laws. Page authors must obtain written permission from the owner of copyrighted material (including text, graphics, and other forms of media) prior to publishing the copyrighted material on the Millsaps web.

Users of the Millsaps web are permitted to access, use, print, and reproduce information from only those files that Millsaps expressly grants permission or license to use provided: (1) the use is for personal, educational, or non-commercial purposes only, (2) images and information are not modified in any way, and (3) any copyright statement originally provided in the materials is included in the reproduction. Any further restrictions placed on information by Millsaps or the author must be honored. For more information on Millsaps copyright policy, see the college's Copyright Statement.

Millsaps College Website Copyright Statement

© 1996-2013 Millsaps College

Millsaps College retains the copyright on all text, photos, and graphic images used on this official website, unless otherwise noted. Text, photos, or graphics may not be used by others for any purpose without the prior express written permission of Millsaps College.

The name Millsaps College and its trademarks, symbols, and logos are trademarked and owned by Millsaps and should not be used without the prior express written permission of Millsaps.

Please note that Millsaps College has no control over personal pages or off-campus web and gopher sites linked to this official server, and Millsaps is not responsible for their accuracy or content. The College is responsible only for those pages created for the official website.

Millsaps College's official server is administered by Information Technology Services in coordination with other campus departments.

Questions about this server and content on the website should be directed to webmaster@millsaps.edu.

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