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Our Distinctive Strengths


Millsaps students, first day of class

Program Excellence

Millsaps College has long sought to create programs that set the College apart from ordinary institutions. We have done this by constantly making and reinforcing the connection between academic pursuits and the real world. Students are embraced and engaged the moment they set foot on campus. They each play an active role in shaping their own education and their future. Read more about our Academic Programs.


Faith & Work Initiative

The Millsaps College Faith & Work Initiative - through an array of seminars, courses, and internships - allows students to explore their personal and professional futures as they relate to issues of ethics, values, faith, and the common good. They learn to build fulfilling lives and careers characterized by service to others. 


Living in Yucatan

Our Kaxil Kiuic Biocultural Reserve at Kiuic in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula is host to the only program of its kind in the nation. The 4,000-acre reserve contains a wealth of archaeological sites important to the understanding of ancient and modern Maya culture. The Yucatan Program offers faculty and students a living laboratory where they study the relationships among disciplines as varied as biology, English, business, the environment, and archaeology. The Reserve - which demonstrates connections between economic development, environmental policy, and cultural preservation - has become a national model for interdisciplinary studies.


Pre-Health Initiative/Laboratory

Long recognized as a leader in pre-health education, Millsaps has an unusually high medical school acceptance rate, twice that of the national average. For students seeking careers in medical fields, Julian and Kathryn Wiener Pre-medical Summer Research Fellowships are available.


Field Research

Field research programs at Millsaps promote the study of archaeology, biology, chemistry or geology in remote areas such as the Pacific Northwest, Yellowstone, the mountains of Albania, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and Yucatan. Additionally, nearly a third of Millsaps College students take advantage in study abroad opportunities in Costa Rica, England, Germany, Israel, Japan, China, Ghana, France, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Ireland, Mexico, Albania and Tanzania.



This is no ordinary history class. The Heritage program is an innovative and stimulating curriculum designed to give students a broad perspective of the Western world. Heritage is an interdisciplinary humanities program designed for freshmen as an alternative to topics courses. The program has received praise from the John Templeton Foundation as "a comprehensive window into world history and culture. Heritage is a year-long journey through history, literature, philosophy, religion, and the fine arts."


Fifth Year MBA

Our accelerated business program gives you the opportunity to go from high school senior to MBA graduate in just five life-changing years. By combining the strengths of our liberal arts and business studies, Millsaps has developed a Master of Business Administration program unlike any in the nation. Our MBA program broadens the perspectives of our students by enriching traditional business education with liberal arts studies - providing a graduate business education that cannot be found at most other business schools. Millsaps MBAs are known for that "indefinable something" - that combination of intellect, confidence, and hard work that adds up to success. The Masters of Accountancy (MAcc) program at Millsaps is also offered through the College's Else School of Management. The MAcc degree program provides post-baccalaureate professional education in the field of accounting, and is designed for students who intend to pursue professional careers in public accounting, business, and governmental/non profit sectors.


Ford Teaching Fellowship Program

The Ford Teaching Fellowship Program is a unique program designed to attract qualified students into teaching at the college level, and to foster the development of those students' potential as professional educators. Open to sophomores and juniors interested in a career as a college professor and who have an overall cumulative GPA of 3.2, the program focuses on a collegial relationship between the Ford Fellow and a faculty mentor. Through an apprenticeship in teaching and research, the faculty mentor models excellence in college teaching and offers guidance to the Ford Fellow in all of his or her teaching, research, and professional development. Ford Fellows are not merely undergraduate versions of graduate teaching assistants; rather, the Ford Fellow is gradually and carefully initiated into a rewarding teaching experience.


Writing Across the Disciplines

Unlike many colleges, Millsaps has developed a Writing Program that is independent of the English Department. Our program teaches students how to develop the art of communication, an essential skill that can be used in any major or career. Millsaps embraces the philosophy that writing cannot be taught in one semester of freshman composition. Instead, it is taught continuously, and within the context of the discipline, from English to biology, even accounting. The College was ranked by U.S. News as one of 17 colleges that "make writing a priority."



Millsaps College is one of the few institutions of higher learning in Mississippi where the phrase "student athlete" has real meaning.  Our athletes compete among 18 teams at the Division III level of the NCAA. For men, there's football, soccer, track & field, lacrosse, tennis, basketball, baseball, and golf; women can participate in volleyball, tennis, lacrosse, basketball, track & field, soccer, golf, and softball. Our teams of scholar athletes are not just competitive; they win championships. More important, an astounding 24 percent of the student body, men and women, compete in intercollegiate sports.