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Rwandan Students at Millsaps

African Studies


Two Rwandan students, Jean-Leon Iragena and Faustin Mwabutsa, are currently enrolled as students at Millsaps. They will be attending Millsaps for the next four years thanks to the College's participation in the Rwanda Presidential Scholars Program Consortium. Jean-Leon and Faustin are roommates on campus and are the first students from Rwanda to study at Millsaps.

Jean-Leon Iragena, who hails from Kigali, Rwanda, was placed at Millsaps by the Rwanda Presidential Scholars program and says he is enjoying his time here. He is (probably) majoring in Computer Sciences, and it is his goal to remain in the states at least until he receives a Master's before returning to Rwanda. He would like to help with the development of communication technologies in the country and may dabble in politics.

When asked about Rwanda, he described his home country as a very peaceful, safe place. The climate is more moderate than that of Mississippi, and there are many geographic and historic sites to visit. The school systems there recently switched to English as their main language, he says, so it should be quite easy for a student from Millsaps to communicate with the locals. And as his country is known for its hospitality, he encourages anyone who is interested to participate in the program.

Millsaps hopes to welcome many more students from Rwanda in the future as well as see some of our own students participate in the program in Rwanda.

Beginning in the spring 2011, Millsaps students will be able to participate in an internship in Rwanda!  This opportunity comes as a result of the College's participation in a consortium that brings Rwandan Presidential Scholars to study at colleges in the U.S. and provides students at those institutions exchange opportunities in Rwanda. The program allows students to immerse themselves in Rwandan culture while experiencing and participating in development efforts.

SIT is providing this custom-designed program ONLY for students of the Rwanda Presidential Scholars Program Consortium.

You will find detailed information on the program at www.sit.edu/hendrixrwanda.