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African Studies


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At Millsaps we have a unique collection of faculty, resources, and programs dedicated to the study of the African continent.

Millsaps students also have the exciting opportunity to study in Rwanda through the Rwanda Presidential Scholars Program sponsored by Hendrix college in partnership with the William J. Clinton Foundation.



Millsaps College is committed to offering students opportunities and challenges in learning about the world in which they live. African studies is an integral part of the strong liberal arts education that Millsaps offer its students.

Take the opportunity here to explore the course offerings related to Africa and to meet the Millsaps faculty members associated with African Studies. Students frequently travel to Ghana and Tanzania with professors over the summer. Also, thanks to SIT and the Rwanda Presidential Scholars Program Consortium, students are now able to study abroad in Rwanda for a semester. Also through this program, two students from Rwanda are able to study at Millsaps for the next four years. Click here to find out more about the Rwandan Students at Millsaps!

Opportunities in Rwanda

Study and earn Millsaps credit in Rwanda!

A chance to study for the semester in Rwanda through SIT.

Millsaps' Own Program in Tanzania

Study and earn Millsaps credit in East Africa!

Millsaps students have a new opportunity to learn on-site about Tanzanian culture, history, and economics. We will spend time in Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar, national game parks, and the southern part of the country.

Millsaps' Own Program in Ghana

Study and earn Millsaps credit in West Africa!

The program will afford students the opportunity to explore the historical legacy, life, culture, traditions, and arts of Africa.