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European Studies


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Do you look at all the course offerings at Millsaps and wish you could major in everything? Do you like to travel? Do you want to compete not just in the American job market, but the world job market?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then a European Studies major or minor may be for you!

European Studies gives you an exciting chance to shape your own field of study! The European Studies program at Millsaps is truly interdisciplinary. You can select and combine courses in European art, music, history, politics, philosophy, religion, business and literature and tailor it to your own academic interests and professional aspirations.

European Studies Programs Offered:
Bachelor of Arts in European Studies
Minor in European Studies


European Studies Mission Statement

Millsaps College recognizes the important role Europe and European languages and cultures have played in world history. The continent and its people have had a tremendous impact throughout time on the global economy, political system, and in the arts. Today, Europe is becoming even more important due to the formation of the European Union. The primary goal of the European Studies program is to provide context for Europe's revised and renewed global prominence through interdisciplinary research and study. The European Studies program supports a dynamic scholarly community composed of faculty, students, and citizens, who share interests in Europe and together seek to enrich local and national appreciation for, study of, and exchanges with Europe.

The vibrant and exciting European Studies program is an essential component of Millsaps' endeavor to internationalize the curriculum and the campus. Seventy-five percent of the study abroad market is in Europe, suggesting students' substantial interest in a European program. European Studies allows students the flexibility to work in multiple disciplines that are relevant to their career goals. Offered by all elite colleges and universities Millsaps' European Studies program makes the College regionally distinctive and nationally competitive.  Newly expanded, updated, and well-supported, European Studies is an outstanding feature of the College with great appeal to prospective students.