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The mathematics department at Millsaps College provides a curriculum designed to fulfill the needs and interests of any student that wishes to pursue mathematics. The department supports two majors: Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. Whether your goals are to pursue graduate school, to find a career in industry or government, or simply to develop your analytical skills to their highest potential, the mathematics department is ready to provide you with the mathematical experiences you need.

The department of mathematics is committed to providing a program of instruction that will achieve goals in 4 areas: quantitative literacy of our graduates; service to other departments; service to the major; and the personal development of individual students.

Goals of the Millsaps College Department of Mathematics

  • To provide instruction that enables every graduate of the college to develop the analytical reasoning ability needed to effectively deal with quantitative information.

    To provide support to other disciplines by meeting their curricular needs in mathematics.
  • To ensure that mathematics majors are provided high quality instruction in the major areas of their discipline; to make them aware of current issues and active research areas; to prepare them to be competitive in the workplace and in graduate and professional schools.
  • To encourage students to connect their knowledge with the world around them; to have them reflect on applications of their discipline and the current and potential effects of these applications on our society; to provide an undergraduate experience that assists our students in becoming responsible and effective citizens.

What can you do with a major in mathematics?

Students with a degree in mathematics are routinely praised for their incredible analytical skills. Employers seek mathematics majors regardless of the particular work involved because of their ability to solve problems. Banks and investment firms, insurance companies, government agencies (such as the NSA, census bureau, or CDC), pharmaceutical companies, and publishing firms are only a few of the vast employment opportunities that are available to math majors. Furthermore, mathematics provides a solid preparation for graduate school in several fields. Majors frequently go on to graduate school in mathematics, statistics, medicine, engineering, actuarial science, business, and law. Whether you are interested in mathematics for its own sake or in applications of mathematics in a particular subject, a degree in mathematics gives you the foundation for a lifetime of critical thinking and learning.