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Physics seeks to understand the entire universe at its most basic and fundamental level. It is the most fundamental science and provides the experimental and theoretical understanding of the world around us in which all other Science is based.

Physics at Millsaps is not just about mastering the subject, but making new discoveries and advancing the field through research. Students and faculty work together in the quest for the complete understanding of the natural world around us. You come to Millsaps Physics as a student, you leave it a scientist.

It is the goal of the Physics program at Millsaps to be the best place to prepare for a Ph.D. program in experimental and theoretical physics in the South and the Nation.

While the physics major at Millsaps can pursue and succeed in graduate school, the physics major can also pursue graduate school in the other sciences, medical school, or careers in engineering and technology. Students with other scientific interests often pursue either a second major or a minor in physics to master more deeply the fundamental underpinnings of their chosen fields.

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