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Study Abroad

European Studies


The European Studies program features study abroad at its center and requires study abroad of all students. Living and studying in Europe is the bedrock of an education in European Studies. Funding sources, such as the Robinson scholarships and study abroad stipends for incoming students, have made study abroad much more feasible. Other non-Millsaps funding sources include significant need- and merit-based scholarships, available through such study abroad providers as AIFS, ISA, IFSA-Butler, and Arcadia's Center for Education Abroad.

Millsaps currently offers its own study abroad programs to our students. Find out more about the Study Abroad Program. We are expanding the College's own programs in Europe. This includes not only more summer courses, but also semester and full-year offerings. In addition, the College has applied for membership in the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP), a consortium of over 80 exchange programs throughout Europe. Through this consortium and other study abroad opportunities, Millsaps students can study an array of subjects, including nearly all of Europe's languages. Millsaps also has direct exchange programs with the University of Liechtenstein and the University of Tirana in Albania.

International study typically takes place between the completion of a student's first and third year of study at Millsaps College. A student may arrange to study abroad for a semester, year, or summer. The timing of study is determined, in part, by a student's academic program and progress toward completion of degree requirements.  Students should contact the Office of International Education as much as a year in advance of their intended term of departure, for assistance in planning and program selection. Programs are located in every corner of Europe, and cover virtually all interest areas. The OIE provides information on programs sponsored by Millsaps, in addition to those sponsored by other institutions or providers. Some form of financial aid may be available for European Studies programs. Students interested in financial aid for any of these programs should contact Tanya Newkirk, Associate Director of International Education and the financial aid office for more information.