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Course Track: History and Social Science

European Studies


This electives path is suggested for students who are interested in and plan careers in government or foreign service, teaching, and graduate study of some aspect of Europe.  This path emphasizes the historical development of Europe's political institutions and social relations.  Students will learn about evolving borders, ethnic relations, systems of government, and class relations. 

Classical Studies:
2000  Roman Legacy
2050  Greek Legacy
3000  Myth
3100  Greek Tragedy
3200  The Classical Epic
3300  Classical Art and Archaeology
3400  Women in Antiquity
3500  Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
3600  Ancient History
3700  Greek and Roman Religion

2010  British Literary History I
2020  British Literary History II

2310:  Ancient European History
2350:  European Civilization Since 1789
3300  Topics in European Culture and History
3210  Britain and the World 1688 to 1914
3220  Britain and the World 1914 to the Present
3340  The French Revolution and Napoleon
3350  History of Modern France
3360  European Women's and Gender History
3370  Art and Power in Europe
3530  Renaissance and Reformation
3540  Early Modern Europe
4800 - 4802  Directed Study as appropriate

Modern Languages:
European Studies majors must take 3 courses beyond the B.A. language requirement in a modern European language in which they satisfy that requirement.  European Studies minors must take 2 courses beyond the B.A. language requirement in 1 of the 2 modern European languages in which they satisfy that requirement.  These courses do not count as electives; rather, they meet the language component requirement of the European Studies major/minor.  The following courses will be of particular interest to European Studies majors and minors in satisfying that requirement and as electives.

2110  Contemporary (French, Hispanic) Culture (alternating)
3220  (French, Hispanic) Civilization (alternating)
Any other 3000-level course in French or Spanish
Any other 4000-level course in French or Spanish

2750  Special Topics as appropriate
Phil 2750.01  Radical 19th Century Thought
3010  History of Philosophy I:  Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
3020  History of Philosophy II:  Modern Philosophy
3040  Ancient Philosophy
3060  Twentieth-Century Philosophy:  Existentialism

Performing Arts
2122  The Musical World of the Age of Enlightenment
2132  Women and Music
3112  Romanticism
3142  History of Opera

Political Science:
2400  International Relations
2500  Political Theory
3300  Western European Government and Politics
3410  International Organizations/Model United Nations
3701-02  Directed Readings in Political Science as appropriate
4750-01  Capitalism, Socialism, Communism: Have We Made the Right Choice
A comparative study of government and economics in the U.S., the U.K. and E.U. nations

Sociology and Anthropology
1100  Introduction to Anthropology
1110  Introduction to Archaeology and World Prehistory
3110-Classics 3850  Archaeology of Greece
2850  Anthropology of War
3110  Archaeology of Bronze Age Greece
3410  Archaeological Field School
4750  The Archaeology of Empires and Conquest
4760  GIS and Mediterranean Archaeology