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What Can You Do With This Major?

European Studies


European Studies graduates will gain the necessary knowledge and skills for employment/careers working in a variety of environments, ranging from business, government and education to the media, travel industry and tourism. Your language skills will be in high demand both in the US and abroad. European Studies graduates enter the fields of advertising, marketing, and public relations management. They become anthropologists and archaeologists, museum curators, Foreign Service officers, interpreters, news analysts, reporters, correspondents, and translators. They pursue careers in the law, international business, international relations, archival work and teaching in any of the humanities.

European Studies distinguishes you for graduate school and employment. Students in the program study modern European languages in depth, mastery of which sets them apart in the eyes of prospective employers and graduate schools. They also satisfy their own intellectual curiosity and employers' high demand for well-rounded, liberally-educated people in today's workplaces by taking elective courses in a wide variety of academic disciplines.