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Political Science Students

Alden Howard

Alden Howard "This school is a launching pad. It allows students to take individual ideas, and make them into campus wide organizations. I can't think of another school that supports the wants of the individual and stands behind its students more than Millsaps."

Currently a junior at Millsaps, Alden is majoring in Political Science and Philosophy and hopes to pursue a career in law. Alden is passionate about the Political Science Department and is involved in numerous clubs and activities that are connected to the department. She is currently the President of the Young Democrats and the Model UN organization. She serves as Vice President of the Pre-Law Society and is the founder and President of Amnesty International. Her pride and joy is being the founder and Captain of the Millsaps Mock Trial Team which has given her opportunities to truly learn about the field of law and what it means to be a lawyer!

"The Students at the Political Science Department do not just learn about politics and government from their professors but also about the compromise and perseverance needed to keep those entities up and running. This enables us to continuously set goals and overcome obstacles, something that can be applied daily in an environment like Millsaps."



Jordan Claire Albrecht

Jordan Claire Albrecht "The small classes allow us to get to know our professors better than at a larger university, which is beneficial when it comes to getting quality recommendation letters for graduate school or law school. These relationships also aid our professors in helping us in finding internships that are the best fit for us."

Jordan Claire is a freshman at Millsaps. Particularly interested in international relations and public administration, Jordan Claire hopes one day to be President of the United States or a member of the Presidents Cabinet.  On campus, Jordan Claire is involved in Greek Life, is a member of the Freshman Leadership Council and is active in the Millsaps Pride Organization.



Katie Greer

Katie Greer"Discourse is the only means capable of breaking down social and ideological boundaries that could otherwise suppress groups or even entire nations. Only Millsaps students are able to truly engage the histories and most recent developments in political science because the class room environment is based on pure discussion."

Katie, a senior at Millsaps College, is majoring in Communications Studies and has a minor in Political Science. She hopes to pursue a career as a government communication specialist, with a concentration in public and foreign affairs. She was an Eisenhower Intern for the Republican National Committee during the 2012 Presidential Election and has been featured in Who's Who in American Colleges. Katie currently serves as the president of the College Republicans where she established the Wounded Warrior Project as the organization's philanthropy. During this year's Presidential Debate between the Young Democrats and the College Republicans, Katie was the team leader for the College Republican's team. In 2011, Katie became the Vice President of the College Republicans where she reorganized the organization and recruted 50 new members.  Currently, the organization has grown from less than a dozen members to over 115.

Katie is passionate about her Communications Studies major and has found how a Political Science minor has assisted with her achieving her Communication Studies Degree.  A minor with the Political Science Department can give value and depth to any degree and increase awareness in the realm of law and politics!

"Where else can you find 10 different minded students, and actually get to hear each and every student's perspective? It's the most challenging opportunity for government-bound students. Every day is like a legislative session!"