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Frequently Asked Questions

Academic Advising

What is an academic adviser?

Academic advisers are mentors to their students, helping them to understand the value of academic planning not only as a means of fulfilling degree requirements, but also in the context of setting personal, professional, and intellectual goals and bringing them to fruition. Academic planning is a natural part of the liberal arts education, empowering and enabling students to take responsibility for shaping their own lives.

What should incoming students know about academic advising?

Incoming students will meet with a summer academic adviser during on-campus registration day. Before this meeting it would be helpful for students to review all of the information provided in the academic advising section of the Millsaps web, so that they may have a general idea of what courses are available and relevant to their academic interests. 

When students arrive on campus in the fall, a new academic adviser will be assigned.  If entering as a freshman, the academic adviser will be a professor in one of the courses the student is taking.  If entering as a transfer or Gateway student, the adviser will be Janet Langley, Director of Student Support Services.  Typically, this adviser will remain the student's assigned adviser until a major is declared.  Upon declaration of a major, the student will be assigned an adviser in that department.

When does academic advising happen?

Academic advising is not limited to a specific time. Whenever you have questions about your academic progress, career plans, or course selection, make an appointment with your academic adviser to talk about them. 

However, there are two specific times during the year when you must make an appointment with your adviser: the preregistration periods during spring and fall, when you choose your courses for the following semester.  Preregistration for spring classes usually takes place in mid-November, and preregistration for fall courses and summer classes usually takes place in mid-April.

How can I change my adviser?

If you want to change your adviser from the one assigned when you enrolled, you may do so by asking another faculty member to be your adviser. If they agree, pick up a "Change of Adviser" form from the records office, fill it out completely, and ask your new adviser to sign it. Once you have turned it in to the records office, your academic advising file will be transferred to your new adviser.