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Responsibilities of Students

Academic Advising

  • Make timely appointments with your advisor and keep them.
  • Read and use the information in the College Catalog, Major Access, the student handbook Major Facts, the course schedule, and communications from the Office of Records.
  • Prepare for pre-registration meetings by studying published descriptions of requirements, course options, and class schedules.
  • Work with your advisor to define your academic plan and future goals.
  • Use other services on campus such as counseling or the Career Center as needed or when recommended by your advisor.
  • Track your own progress in class and toward your academic goals.
  • Ask your advisor questions about majors, campus services, and professors.
  • Decide upon and declare a major course of study as early as possible. At the end of your sophomore year at Millsaps, you will officially declare your chosen academic major. Each department on campus has a small "party" known as Major Declaration Day to welcome the new students to the major.
  • Be familiar with policies pertaining to your academic major as presented in the Catalog.
  • Inform your advisor of situations that cause you to deviate from my curricular plan.
  • Seek out faculty and staff who can assist you with academic and career planning when needed.
  • Read your e-mail and check your post office box on a regular basis so as not to miss important information.
  • Constantly evaluate your interests, strengths, and weaknesses, and adjust your plans accordingly.
  • Be an engaged student while at the College.
  • Make decisions based on accurate, verifiable information and take responsibility for your decisions. The ultimate responsibility for meeting academic requirements of the College belongs to you, the student.