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Academic Programs

If you love to think, you'll love Millsaps.

In keeping with its character as a liberal arts college and its historic role in the mission of the United Methodist Church, Millsaps College seeks to provide a learning environment that increases knowledge, deepens understanding of faith, and inspires the development of mature citizens with the intellectual capacities, ethical principles, and sense of responsibility that are needed for leadership in all sectors of society.

The programs of the College are designed to foster the growth of independent and critical thinking; individual and collaborative problem-solving; creativity, sensitivity, and tolerance; the ability to inform and challenge others; and an appreciation of humanity and the universe.

Some of the academic programs at Millsaps College:

Writing Program
The Millsaps College Writing Program is one of the College's hallmarks. Recognized as one of the premier writing programs in the country, we are known for making Writing Across the Curriculum work.

Honors Program
The Honors Program at Millsaps College offers students the opportunity to pursue original work under the mentorship of a faculty advisor.

Faith and Work Initiative
The Millsaps Faith & Work Initiative cultivates both passion and compassion in leaders for the future.

Ford Teaching Fellowship Program
The goal of the Ford Teaching Fellows Program is to attract qualified students into college teaching by encouraging the development of a close working relationship between a full time faculty member and a promising undergraduate student.

Students have great opportunities to combine Millsaps' excellent broad-based college education with specialized engineering studies at major universities.

Information about medical, dental, and other health-related career programs at Millsaps.

Law schools prize the ability to think and analyze critically and to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing - skills developed by every major program that we offer.

Affiliated with the Methodist Church since its foundation in 1890, Millsaps has educated generations of church leaders through its pre-ministerial program. In fact, it's produced more United Methodist bishops than any other college or university in the country.

Pre-Public Management
The elective courses are drawn from fields of study as diverse as philosophy, sociology/anthropology, and geology that focus on a particular area of public policy.

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Millsaps College is annually rated a top-level institution.