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Academic Support Services

Student Support & Tutoring

Dr. Melissa Lea, Assistant Dean of Academic Advising and Student Support
Phone:  601-974-1755.
Email: leama@millsaps.edu
Location: 383 SHH

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Services

Mr. Patrick Cooper
Phone: 601-974-1228
Email:  coopeap@millsaps.edu
Location: Campbell Student Center 308

Counseling and Wellness Services

Counseling Services
Phone:  601-974-1206
Email Ms. Martha Lee for appointment: leemm@millsaps.edu
Location: Campbell Student Center, 3rd Floor

Rev. Chris Donald, College Chaplain
Phone: 601-974-1205
Email: chris.donald@millsaps.edu
Location: Campbell Student Center

Wellness Center

Carol Lowe, College Nurse
Phone:  601-974-1207
Email:  lowecl@millsaps.edu
Location: Campbell Student Center, 1st floor

Academic Advising and Registration

Academic Advising
Dr. Melissa Lea, Assistant Dean of Academic Advising and Student Support
Phone:  601-974-1755 Email:  leama@millsaps.edu
Location:  Sullivan-Harrell Hall 383

Transfer Advising
Ms. Kathie Adams, Transfer Advisor
Phone:  601-974-1124
Email:  adamska2@millsaps.edu
Location:  Academic Complex 142

Ms. Elizabeth Giddens, Registrar
Phone:  601-974-1123
Email:  giddeeo@millsaps.edu
Location:  Academic Complex 142

International Students

Ms. Christina Phillips, International Advisor
Phone:  601-974-1052
Email:  phillcl@millsaps.edu

Writing Center

Liz Egan, Writing Center Coordinator
Phone:  601-974-1308
Email:  eganee@millsaps.edu
Location: John Stone Hall

Writing Portfolio

Dr.  Anita DeRouen, Director of Writing & Teaching
Phone:  601-974-1296
Email:  deroua@millsaps.edu
Location: John Stone Hall

Pre-Professional Advisors

Dr. Shadow Robinson
, Associate Professor and Chair of Physics
Phone:  601-974-1348
Email:  robins1@millsaps.edu

Dr. Kurt Thaw, Associate Professor
Phone:  601-974-1380
Email:  thawak@millsaps.edu

Mr. Harvey Fiser, Associate Professor of Business Law
Phone:  601-974-1268
Email:  fiserhl@millsaps.edu

Rev. Chris Donald, College Chaplain
Phone:  601-974-1205
Email:  chris.donald@millsaps.edu

Center for Career Education

Arts and Humanities and Sciences
Ms. Tonya Nations, Director of Career Center
Phone:  601-974-1346
Email: nationtm@millsaps.edu
Location: Campbell Student Center, 3rd floor

Else School Career Center

Ms. Suzi Nyberg, Career Specialist
Phone:  601-974-1214
Email:  nyberms@millsaps.edu
Location: Murrah Hall 116
Appointments only please!


Tutoring Services Offered at Millsaps College

The Accounting lab is located in Murrah Annex 122 and is staffed by graduate assistants. Contact Dr. Kim Burke (601-974-1280) for information.

The Biology honorary, Beta Beta Beta, provides a free tutoring service for students in the introductory biology classes. Students needing help are encouraged to call or e-mail individual tutors. Lab assistants in each class are also available for extra help when needed. Contact department chair Dr. Debora Mann (601-974-1415) or your biology professor.

Student tutoring may be arranged by contacting any chemistry professor or department chair Dr. Kristina Stensaas (601-974-1402).

Classical Studies:
The Classical Studies Department will arrange student tutoring as needed. Contact department chair Dr. Holly Sypniewski (601-974-1299).

The Geology Department arranges tutors upon request. See your geology professor.

The Math Lab meets MW from 7 - 8:30 pm and TTh 4 - 5:30 in room SH - 368. Contact Professor Tracy Sullivan (974-1364) regarding the math lab. Contact Dr. Mark Lynch (601-974-1362) for the list of student tutors.

Modern Languages:
Contact your Modern Language professor for information on tutoring in Spanish or French.

The Music Department offers tutoring by individual professors in the department.

Student tutors are available in Sullivan Harrell 104 before 4:00 p.m.; in Sullivan Harrel 368 after 6:00 p.m. A schedule is posted each semester.  Contract department chair Dr. Shadow Robinson (601-974-1348) for additional information.

Tutoring is available for the Experimental Psychology and Statistics course both semesters, every year. The student tutor holds regular hours in the department and will also schedule private tutoring as needed. Contact department chair Dr. Kurt Thaw (601-974-1380).

Religious Studies:
The Department of Religious Studies arranges tutors upon request. See your RS professor.

Writing Center:
The Writing Center is located in John Stone Hall.  It is staffed by professional staff members as well as student writing tutors.

Writing Center hours are Tuesday/Thursday 11:30-1:00 and Monday - Thursday, 3-6 and 7-10 p.m. Student writing tutors are also available for the following hours in the Library: Sunday thru Thursday 7-10 p.m.

Peer Support:
There are many peer study groups both within particular classes/majors and within particular groups such as fraternities or athletic teams. Study with your friends - you will learn more yourself by helping someone else!

Academic Recognition at Millsaps College

Recognition for academic excellence is made each semester by the Dean's and President's Lists. Students also received departmental honors and recognition annually at the all-college Academic Awards Day ceremony. Graduation with distinction and other high academic awards and recognitions are announced at annually at Commencement.