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Online Advising and Registration - Faculty and Staff

Preparing for Online Advising

  • Faculty need to verify that all courses and sections that should be online for the Spring semester are indeed available for online registration. Any issue with the course or the section can prevent students from registering for the class online.
  • Login to MajorAccess, click Faculty, and then select Search for Courses under Faculty Information. Search for a particular course or department. The bottom section of the page will list any courses that are not available for online registration. If there is an error contact the Office of Records to correct it.
  • Login to MajorAccess, click Faculty, and then select Search for Sections under Faculty Information. Search for a particular section or subject. Verify that the section does not have an asterisk at the end, that the Available/Capacity information is correct, and the Instructional Method is not different from the course.

Advising Recommendations

  • Remind students to create their list of suggested course from their E-Registration Card before the advising session. If they want to register for a class that is not available through online registration they should go ahead and fill out the paper registration form for just the classes that cannot be registered for online. They can then take their paper registration form to the Office of Records anytime after their registration time starts.
  • If a student wants to register for a math course and does not meet the course prerequisites, but has the appropriate ACT/SAT score, contact the Office of Records. The Office of Records will then setup the ACT/SAT score prerequisite for the student, allowing the student to register for the course online.
  • After the advising session, review the E-Registration Checklist with the student. This way both of you can make sure that the student is eligible to register and when the student's registration time starts. From the advisor view of the E-Registration Card, use "Apply and go to" with the option E-Registration Checklist selected to go directly to it.
  • Recommend that students review the E-Registration Documentation before their registration time starts.
  • Approve alternate courses. This not only allows students to have options in case classes get full, but it is the only way students can step back through the registration process in case they need to rearrange their schedule or drop a section.

Things to Remember

  • Do not use the back button on your browser. Always go forward or click Faculty Menu in the top right hand section of MajorAccess to leave the registration process.
  • Be sure that a course is being taught in the current registration term before using the Quick Add functionality found on the E-Registration Card.
  • Faculty have access to both advisor documentation and student documentation available under E-Registration Documentation from the Faculty menu in MajorAccess.
  • Recommend that students review the E-Registration Documentation before their registration time starts.
  • The "Hours in Progress" column from My Advisees gives advisors a quick way to tell which advisees have registered and how many hours they have registered for.


Additional information regarding online registration can be found here.

Currently Directed Studies, Internships, Music Studio Lessons, and Honors cannot be registered for online.

Please email helpdesk@millsaps.edu if you have any suggestions for additional FAQs.