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The tuition for the Institute is $550 per person; this fee includes:

* Cost of instruction
* Packet and all materials
* Lunch, Monday through Thursday
* Special Dinner on Wednesday evening
* Break refreshments

Additional notes: There will be an additional $50 fee (for laboratory usage and supplies) for participants enrolled in the Biology, Physics and Chemistry workshops. School districts registering five or more teachers will receive a $50 per person tuition discount.

A beginning Advanced Placement teacher is one who will teach an Advanced Placement course for the first time next fall, one who has taught AP for a year or more but has NOT attended a week long AP Institute, or one who will refine an AP course they have been teaching.

An experienced Advanced Placement teacher is one who has taught an Advanced Placement course for at least three years and /or who has attended a previous Summer AP Institute, and will seek to learn new strategies and share best practices with other experienced AP teachers.

Please note: The Advanced Placement Institute is intended only for high school Advanced Placement teachers with the exception of the Pre-AP classes. Topics covered in an AP course will be at a high school level, as will all materials that are distributed. Pre-AP topics or middle school level subjects will NOT be covered in an Advanced Placement workshop.


Housing is available at $275 per person for single occupancy.

Please be aware that housing on campus will be in a college residence hall with shared bathroom facilities. Residence hall assignments are made on a first come first serve basis. Most of the housing will be in a residence hall with two bedrooms sharing a bathroom, but those registering late may be assigned to a residence hall with a bathroom on the hall. If you desire more luxurious or private housing, the Continuing Education Office can furnish you with a list of nearby hotels.

In addition to the meals included in the tuition, the housing fee includes a light boxed supper on Sunday night, breakfast Monday through Friday, and dinner Monday and Tuesday. The special Wednesday night dinner is included in the tuition. You are on your own for the Thursday night meal.

Additional Notes: Since these campus housing charges do not include towels or linens, participants will need to bring towels and sheets with them. Please note: Children are not allowed at the Institute or in the residence hall.

Refund Policy: If a teacher cannot attend and if we are notified in writing (a fax is acceptable) by June 26, we can refund both tuition and housing costs minus the $50 nonrefundable deposit. If we are NOT notified prior to June 26 that a teacher cannot attend, NO refund of fees will be made. A school may substitute one teacher for another with no penalty. The substitution should be within the same subject. A school or individual will be billed the full amount if a registered participant does not show.

Confirmation: You will receive a letter of confirmation within 10 working days of the receipt of your registration. Do not assume you are registered until you get your confirmation. If you wish, you may call the Continuing Education office (601-974-1130) if you have not received your confirmation after 10 working days.

Millsaps' AP© Summer Teacher Institute is in co-sponsorship with The College Board Southern Regional Office.

Millsaps College Advanced Placement© Institute
1701 North State Street, Jackson, MS 39210-0042
Phone: 601-974-1130, Fax: 601-974-1137, e-mail: gibsonk@millsaps.edu