You may opt for a minor in African studies, which focuses on the study of Africa’s cultures and societies. Four hours of credit for an academic study abroad program in Africa are required. The Millsaps programs in Ghana and Tanzania will fulfill the requirement but any program in Africa for which Millsaps accepts credit is acceptable. Three additional classes are required for the minor.

Minor in African Studies

Requirements for the minor:

  • SOAN 2600: African Studies Seminar
  • African Language of Study for 2 credit hours (SOAN 4712: Survival Swahili may be used, among others.)

Choose 3 classes from following list:

  • HIST 2400: Introduction to African History
  • HIST 2410: Topics in African History
  • PLSC 3310: African Government and Politics
  • George James Bey III

    George James Bey III

    Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, Chisholm Foundation Chair of Arts and Sciences
    Director, African Studies

    601.974.1385 | Email


    BA, University of New Mexico; MA, PhD, Tulane University

    With Dr. George Bey, not only do you have the opportunity to study the ancient Maya on campus, but you can actually explore the ruins of this past civilization at our own archaeological project in Yucatan. As his archaeology student, you will discuss the latest theories on the rise and fall of this civilization, work with millennium old artifacts in our on-campus laboratory, and excavate the temples and palaces of a civilization that rivaled that of the Greeks or Egyptians. Working with Dr. Bey is not like a National Geographic special, it is a National Geographic special. If you are interested in a career in archaeology, or just want to experience it, Millsaps and Dr. Bey will provide you opportunities unrivaled in the U.S.