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About Our Symbol


Our Name

Alpha Sigma Lambda

The Greek letters Alpha, Sigma, and Lambda, which form the name of our Society, have a special meaning to us. Alpha is the first letter in the Greek alphabet, therefore, it stands for "first". The letter Sigma corresponds to the letter "S", and is symbolic of scholarship. Lambda corresponds to the letter "L", and denotes leadership. Thus, Alpha Sigma Lambda forms the framework of out motto, which is "First in Scholarship and Leadership".

Our Key

Alpha Sigma Lambda Crest

In the upper right quadrant of our key is an Open Book which symbolizes the Love of Knowledge. Love of Knowledge is different from Knowledge itself. Knowledge alone is narrow and limited, while Love of Knowledge is broad, seeking everywhere for the relationships which give meaning to time, place, culture and history. It is our belief that men and women who aspire to the broad spirit of learning, this Love of Knowledge, will seek to catch the fullness of life even in the midst of their busy, utilitarian pursuit of special knowledge.

Extending vertically through the center of the key is a Burning Torch, the symbol of Life. It is displayed on our badge because we believe that the Love of Knowledge and the pursuit of Wisdom are the cornerstone on which Life itself should be constructed.

We have before us the challenge to be mindful of the ideals toward which we strive: to gain not only Knowledge, but also the Love of Knowledge; to prepare us to be not only specialists, but also accomplished human beings: to appreciate the relationships which our vocations bear to life as a whole; to keep open minds, to give our best thoughts to the whole of life; and, to discipline our spirits to a better understanding of the world in which we live.