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Lewis Art Gallery Exhibit Archives


Fall 2014

"The Stump Ghosts Call Me Sweetheart" Ming Donkey

August 25 - September 12
Friday, September 12, 3:30pm - Gallery Talk in AC 215 (Reception in Gallery)
Friday, September 12, 7pm - One-man Band Performance from Ming Donkey in Gallery

Ming Donkey

The installation of The Stump Ghosts Call Me Sweetheart belongs to a larger body of work entitled The Continuing Ballad of Franco the Kid. Like its parent work, this installation is narrative, autobiographical, uncanny and intuitive.  it is culled from a secret language developed among animals, nature, and commodity that we know as children and that many of us forget as adults.



Millsaps Faculty Exhibition

"Traversing the Blues Trail" Sandra Murchison
"Excavations" Kristen Tordella-Williams

September 22-October 28
Friday, October 24, 2pm - Gallery Talk in AC 335 (Reception in Gallery)

Sandra Murchison

This is Sandra's sixteenth year at Millsaps College as Professor of Studio Art and the end of her first year as the Director & Founder of Purple Word Center for Book & Paper Arts. She has received numerous teaching and artistic awards, exhibits nationally and internationally and is represented by Guy Lymon Fine Arts in New Orleans. Her work explores the complex history of the Delta by utilizing the text from the Delta region historical markers on the Mississippi Blues Trail. The mixed media work in this year's faculty show incorporates encaustic painting, collage and laser engravings.

Kristen Tordella-Williams

  Kristen works across media exploring imagery and sculpture generated from the performative process. She uses performance and sculpture to investigate issues of labor, identity, gender, and memory using an array of material commonly found at hardware stores, supermarkets and recycling bins. Raised in Massachusetts, Kristen received her B.F.A in sculpture from UMass Dartmouth. She completed her M.F.A concentrating in Sculpture and Dimensional Studies from Alfred University in 2012. She has exhibited nationally and internationally and her work is in the collections of the Center for Book Arts in New York City as well as Scholes Library in Alfred, NY. This show marks Kristen's first semester teaching studio art as an Assistant Professor at Millsaps College in Jackson, MS. In this years faculty show, Kristen will be exhibiting digital prints, performance ephemera, and artist books. Her 2-hour video “Grave” will be showing continuously in the Emerging Space projection space accessible through our main gallery.



"B+ (new work and investigations)" Stephen Coles

November 5-December 17
Friday, November 14, 2pm - Gallery Talk in AC215 (Reception in Gallery)

Stephen Coles

Stephen Coles graduated from Alfred University with an MFA in sculpture in May 2010. Born in the United Kingdom, it was through a series of conferences and symposia based around cast iron art that led Coles, to the United States, and eventually to Alfred University. Having always had a keen interest in creative practices Coles started his artistic career by enrolling in a National Diploma in Fine Art at Arts University College Bournemouth, Bournemouth (UK). This then led to Coles studying his BFA in sculpture at The West Wales School of the Arts, Carmarthen (Wales). It was whilst studying at his BFA that he first came into contact with metal casting, and more importantly, attended the 5th International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron art in Ironbridge (UK) in 2006. This conference instilled an appreciation of cast iron as a material within his own sculpture practice, and furthermore led to his interactions in the United States.




Spring 2014


“Tear Down, Build Up, Tear Down, Build it Up” Jonathan Metzger and Brandon Barr

January 20 – February 7
Lewis Art Gallery and The Emerging Space

Jonathan Metzger

This work explores the space between my father’s work shed and my mother’s kitchen. It is between these two spaces that I find myself, and create an alternative reality. Growing up in a conservative, farming community, within a family of boys. 

Brandon Barr

Brandon Barr is an interdisciplinary artist with an emphasis in digital media. Barr received his MFA in Electronic Integrated Arts from Alfred University in Alfred, NY and BFA in Interdisciplinary Arts at the Kansas City Art Institute. Barr has exhibited work internationally including China and Brazil. His recent work explores abstraction in post-cinematic media through sculptures and installations.

Gallery Talk Friday, January 31 2pm AC 335
Reception to follow in the gallery 



“Repetition, Rhythm, and Pattern” a touring show
Featuring: Kim Beck, Megan Cotts, Corey Escoto, Brian Giniewski, Crystal Gregory, Kate McGraw, Anna Mikolay, Helen O’Leary, Alex Paik, and Lilly Zuckerman

February 12 – March 26 Lewis Art Gallery

This group exhibition revisits the reductive aspects of modernist abstraction and explores its impact in a contemporary context. The ten participating artists critically digest the visual tools of repetition, rhythm and pattern.

Their inquiries into the lineage and fundamentals of abstraction are often infused with a personal and subjective anecdotes. Through rigorous formal investigation, these artists iterate broadly; from wrought family history to slap dash humor. The interjection of this material often repudiates the precedent tones of modernist minimalism. The exhibiting artists approach this work through a variety of media ranging from installation and paintings to glass and ceramic. The visual simplicity echoes against a sincere and pointed investigation of materials, aesthetics, history and context.

Gallery Talk and Reception - March 5th 7pm AC335


Millsaps Student Show

April 4 – April 30 Lewis Art Gallery

An open call exhibition to all Millsaps students. To submit work, email gallery director daniel johnson at johnsda1@millsaps.edu. Show will be juried by local artists.

Submissions due Monday, March 31


Millsaps Senior Show – Katy Birdwell

April 14 - May 5 The Emerging Space

Gallery Talk Friday April 25, 2pm Art History Classroom 335




Fall 2013


John Hitchcock
Art Exhibition

 Monday, August 26 - Tuesday, September 25
Millsaps College Lewis Art Gallery

John Hitchcock, Hellhammer, Millsaps College

John Hitchcock uses large scale prints to explore his relationship to community, land, and culture. Hitchcock creates mythological hybrid creatures by combining large mammals from the Great Plains (buffalo, wolf, boar, deer, moose) and military weaponry (tanks and helicopters) based on his childhood memories and stories of growing up in the Wichita Mountains next to the largest field artillery military base in North America - Fort Sill/Lawton, Oklahoma. He explores notions of good, evil, death, and life cycles. His depictions of beasts, animals, repeat patterns, biological diagrams, symbols from nature, and machines act as metaphors for human behavior and cycles of violence. His artwork is a response to intrusive behavior by humans towards nature and other humans.

Contact Information: www.hybridpress.nethybridpress@gmail.com



Zak Yitro
Gallery Talk & Art Exhibition

Friday, September 6, 2p.m., with reception to follow in Gallery
Millsaps College Academic Complex, Room 215

Zak Yitro, a process image, and his piece Beyond Time

The process of immigration to a new land is a perpetual combination of longing and discovery, frustration and fulfillment. While this is true for an immigrant to any country, Israel presents unique challenges and opportunities to those who wish to become a creative element in society. The visual development of Yitro's work reflects the inner journey and changes that he continues to undergo as he strives to create a positive impact, while communicating his experiences in a visually stimulating manner.

Zak Yitro spent his childhood in Dublin and Manchester, before moving to Israel in the summer of 2005, and now lives in Jerusalem. His decision to make Israel his home is the result of a strong sense of connection to the Jewish people and their spiritual heritage, which continues to inform his creative process to this day. Yitro combines the medias of photography and ink drawing to induce a sense of meditative contemplation.

The motif of the bottle appears in many of his works as a visual reference to the "message in a bottle" and is the impetus for the IMPACT Bottle Project, a radical social photography platform that allows members of diverse cultures to portray themselves as unique individuals.

Thanks to the support of Beth Israel for creating the opportunity for us to have this artist in Jackson to speak and exhibit at Millsaps College. The Emerging Space is located inside the Lewis Art Gallery, located on the 3rd floor of the Academic Complex at Millsaps College. Park underneath the Academic Complex just off Park Avenue from State Street.

Contact Information: http://www.zakyitro.com
Sponsors: Beth Israel Congregation



Andrew Burkitt
Art Exhibition, Gallery Talk, and Waterless Adhesive Workshop for Collage & Book Binding

Monday, September 30 - Wednesday, October 30
Millsaps College Lewis Art Gallery
Andrew Burkitt, Art Exhibition, Gallery Talk, and Waterless Adhesive Workshop for Collage & Book Binding 

Workshop: Thursday, October 10, 11a.m.-Noon
Gallery Talk: Thursday, October 10, 6p.m.

Andrew Burkitt will exhibit several etchings, drawings on papers and small sculptures assembled from etchings. The content of this work is about the tenuous relationship between humans and reality and the subsequent individual dilemmas we face as we attempt to find meaning in our lives.

Contact Information: www.andrewburkitt.com, mailto:aab_cobra@yahoo.com



Danielle Peters and Andrew Burkitt
Art Installation

Thursday, October 10-Wednesday, October 30
Millsaps College Emerging Space in the Lewis Art Gallery

Hibernaculum 2013. Cut paper and nearby found material (wood, foam, tubing, and fiberglass)

Danielle Peters and Andrew Burkitt will spend 3 days gathering debris on and near the Millsaps campus and assembling that along with cut paper to form a site specific installation in The Emerging Space.

Contact Information: daniellepeters.com



Lindsey Landfried
Art Exhibition, Gallery Talk, and Liporello Book Workshop

Monday, November 4-Wednesday, December 11
Millsaps College Lewis Art Gallery

Lindsey Landfried

Gallery Talk: November 21 at 6p.m.
Liporello Book Workshop: November 22 at 11a.m.
Location: Red Word Center for Book and Paper Arts, 140 Wesley Avenue, Jackson, MS, in the Midtown Arts District

Experimenting at the intersection of drawing and sculpture, Landfried makes large-scale works on folded paper by writing a single mark. The mark, a connecting loop, is drawn from left to right on the page, accumulating to create a visual incident of patterns, networks, and color fields that suggest maps, landscapes, weaving, sediment, and bodies of text.

In the work, the loop is also a mark connected to rhythm, sound, and visual noise. The shift in scale between the mark and the accumulation of marks disorients the recipient, creating for the viewer a disconcerting optical tension. The drawings are a record of both a physical process and formal event. The intense repetition, mediation, and monotony of the works draws into question labor versus craft, and reference machines that draw, such as seismographs, echocardiographs, printers, and computers.

The works convey compression and overlapping to evoke parallel time and experiences of displacement. Working within strict limitations, Landfriend's practice develops staccato, tempo, and variation. Through the limitations, the finite and the definite, she builds.

Contact Information: lindsey.landfried@gmail.com, http://www.lindseylandfried.com

 Spring 2013 nbsp;Christina Hung "Visible Women"


Crushed #2, from the archive of Dr. Freund, 2011. Christina Nguyen Hung

Crushed #2, from the archive of Dr. Freund, 2011. Christina Nguyen Hung



Shattered Document #1, 2011 Christina Nguyen Hung

Shattered Document #1, 2011 Christina Nguyen Hung


January 14-February 8
Millsaps College Lewis Art Gallery

Gallery Talk
Thursday, February 7, 7pm in AC 215

Part of the Millsaps Forum series. Reception to follow in the gallery. 

In her project "Visible Women," Christina Nguyen Hung uses tools and techniques commonly associated with the biological sciences to explore and critique scientific visualizations. By experimenting with representational techniques drawn from botany and microbiology, and filtering them through an interpretive framework informed by feminist, and conceptual art, Hung's work poses larger questions that reveal the subjective nature of scientific inquiry and imaging practices throughout history. 




University of Iowa Graduate Students "Visual Poetry of Crossing Shapes and Lines in Silent Gestures"

January 14-February 8
Millsaps College Lewis Art Gallery and Emerging Space

A selection of print works featuring a variety of techniques from the graduate students of the University of Iowa. 


Millsaps Student Show

February 18-March 4
Millsaps College Lewis Art Gallery and Emerging Space

An open call exhibition to all Millsaps students. To submit work, email gallery director Daniel Johnson at johnsda1@millsaps.edu. Submissions due Monday, February 11.


Printmaker and Performance Artist Kara Dunne of Providence, Rhode Island


Kara Dunne performing Dress Me

Kara Dunne performing Dress Me

A Trailer is a Castle on Its Side

A Trailer is a Castle on Its Side, pencil and colored pencil, 2012

March 7-April 10 
Millsaps College Lewis Art Gallery and Emerging Space

Gallery Talk
Thursday, March 21, 7pm in AC 215
Part of the Millsaps Forum series. Reception to follow in the gallery.


Performance Workshop
Friday, March 22
Time and Location TBA. 

Kara Dunne is a printmaker, video, performance and installation artist who lives in Providence, Rhode Island. A recent resident at both the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts and the Burren College of Art, Dunne's recent printmaking and video work has been shown in New York, San Diego, and Washington DC. Her creative drive stems from her background in both the visual arts as well as theater; the combination of the two enabled her to explore the opportunities of the live, the staged, and the recorded.

Printmaking often becomes a way of creating prop or costume and it is fully incorporated into her performance and videos. Ultimately, Dunne believes looking at art shouldn't be easy, and she strives to involve the viewer directly in her work through some means of interaction.





Millsaps Senior Show - Suzanne Glemot, Eric Bennet, and Lura Glazer

April 19-May 13
Millsaps College Lewis Art Gallery and Emerging Space

Gallery Talk
Friday, April 26
Part of the Millsaps Forum series. Reception to follow in the gallery.




Fall 2012


Mary Jane Parker "Tracings"
August 15th - September 19th
Millsaps Lewis Art Gallery
Gallery talk and reception Friday, September 14th at 12:30pm in Room 215 of the Academic Complex

MARY JANE PARKER's work combines printmaking techniques with other media including drawing and cut paper. The inspiration for Parker's current work came from observing the masses of foliage that blanketed the New Orleans landscape following Hurricane Katrina. She began photographing them, drawing them and cutting stencils of them. Patterns, mementos, nature and the disquiet of suppressed memories all collide in her current body of work that is both lush and ever so slightly uneasy. Ms. Parker is chair of the Visual Arts Department at the New Orleans Center for Creative where she also teaches.


Ann Schwab - "Home" and "Submerged" Installations
Millsaps The Emerging Space
August 15th - September 19th


Millsaps Faculty Show featuring Sandra Murchison and Molly Morin
September 24 - October 24
Millsaps Lewis Art Gallery and Emerging Space
Gallery talks and reception Friday, October 19th at 2pm in the Lewis Gallery

This series of acrylic paintings from Sandra Murchison features information from the Mississippi Blues Trail historical markers in the Delta region. About three years ago, Sandra began collecting information such as text from the markers, bits of nature from around the marker and images of the settings they are found - layering the fragmented stories into the painted collages. This work with the Mississippi Blues Trail markers builds on her previous work with historical markers and her general interest in how america remembers its past. Murchison has committed herself to making a rubbing for each marker in the Delta region for this ongoing project.


Jonathan McFadden "Vowing to Storm the Capital"
October 29 - December 6
Millsaps Lewis Art Gallery and The Emerging Space
Gallery talk and reception Friday, November 9th at 12:30pm in Room 215 of the Academic Complex

"Vowing to Storm the Capital" investigates the cacophony of media in news cycles and how the presentation of this imagery has deferred an understanding of the information and the aggregate cultural landscape it presents. This exhibition of McFadden's work takes the forms of two-dimensional prints, book arts and installation work. McFadden holds a MFA in printmaking from Edinburgh College of Art and is currently an Assistant Professor of Printmaking at Minnesota State University, Mankato.




Spring 2012

Sue Carrie Drummond
"Generational Anecdotes"

Show Opens: Monday, January 23, 2012
Show Closes: Saturday, February 11, 2012
Gallery Talk: Friday, February 10th - 3:00pm
In conjunction with the 2012 Honors Conference


2012 Annual Juried Student Show
Juried by Charles Carraway, Department Chair and Associate Professor of Art, Jackson State University
Show Opens: Monday, January 23, 2012
Show Closes: Saturday, February 11, 2012
Awards and Reception: Friday, February 3, 2012 - 2:00pm


Anita Jung
Associate Professor of Printmaking, University of Iowa
"I Am Not There"


This work of art ponders material that re-contextualizes itself through unexpected relationships.  The elements in the work are ephemeral, eventually becoming the overlooked, covered over or discarded, belonging to the backgrounds of our lives. Yet, they are in many ways what we distinctly remember later; the wallpaper of our grandmother's kitchen, the plastic slipcovers in our best friend's house, the color of our bedroom when we were growing-up.
Show Opens:
Tuesday, February 14, 2012
Show Closes: Friday, March 23, 2012
Gallery Talk: Tuesday, February 14, 2012 - 3:00pm


MIMB II: Monumental Ideas in Miniature Books II
Traveling Book Art Exhibition

Showing in the Emerging Space Gallery
Showing during the month of March, 2012
View MIMB's photos on Flickr


Senior Show - First Installment
Samantha Ledbetter, Sue Carrie Drummond, Jade Hewitt

Show Opens: Monday, April 2, 2012
Show Closes: Tuesday, April 17, 2012
Gallery Talk: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 2:00pm


Senior Show - Second Installment
Lura Glatzer, Ksenyia Savelyeva, Masaki Fang

Show Opens: Monday, April 23, 2012
Show Closes: Saturday, May 12, 2012
Gallery Talk: Friday, April 27, 2012 - 2:00pm





Fall 2011

Sandra Murchison
Professor and Chair of the Art Department, Millsaps College
"Down in the Delta"

Sandra Murchison's paintings illuminate the Delta by capturing information from historical markers found on the Mississippi Blues Trail. Her works combine layers of landscape, cartography, refuse and legend.

Molly Morin
Assistant Professor of Art, Millsaps College

Molly Morin's UNalysis presents Poems, people, and conversations reduced to data sets and presented as nonsense graphs and models.

Faculty Show (Sandra Murchison and Molly Morin)
August 22, 2011 - September 21, 2011
Gallery Talk: September 9, 2011 - 2:00 p.m.

Lori Spencer
Head of Printmaking, University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA
"Vignettes and Silhouettes"


In Vignettes and Silhouettes, Lori Spencer uses the motifs of vignettes and silhouettes as a means to visually explore some of the artist's personal notions on perception and communication. The vignette offers a piece of the whole. The silhouette portrays the whole minus the details. Applied to the idea of perception and communication these motifs suggest both clarity and vagueness: a connection or acknowledgment as well as a distraction or disregard.

In the drawings, prints and photo-based work that comprise the show the use of the typographic brace symbol is predominant, functioning both as silhouette and vignette. The brace has the ability to group and contain meaning as well as function as a graphic silhouetted mark. Also prevalent in the work is the classic vignette in the form of an oval. This vignette functions as a peephole, allowing glimpses into a larger narrative.

Showing: September 26, 2011 - October 28, 2011
Friday Forum: October 21, 2011 - 12:30 p.m.

Ross Jahnke
Professor of Printmaking, Nicholls State University, Thibodaux, LA
"Fast Food"

Ross Jahnke's show Fast Food includes paintings and prints of familiar foods that are so prevalent in our lives. Attention to color, mark and light bring attention to both the enticing and repulsive nature of the subject. The intent is not to politicize the fast food industry as in "Super Size Me", or to entice further consumption, but to embody the love hate relationship we have with burgers and fries, and occasionally the toy that comes with the meal.

Showing: November 4, 2011 - December 2, 2011
Gallery Talk: November 4, 2011 - 2:00 p.m.
Print Demo: November 3, 2011

Spring 2011

Mark Herndon
"It Is What It Is"





Showing: January 10 - February 6, 2011
Gallery Talk: February 5, 2011 - approx 3:30 p.m.
Gallery talk as a part of honors conference (Honors Director: Holly Sypniewski)

Cedar Norbye and Trevor Simpson
Professors of Art, University of Memphis

Memphis artists, Nordbye and Simpson use screen printing and drawing to point to political and ethical undercurrents in today's world. In addition to showing their individual work the two collaborated on prints and a wall-drawing.

Showing: February 11 - March 11, 2011
Gallery Talk: February 18, 2011 (Fine Arts Audition Day) - 2:00 p.m.

Student Show:
Juried by Richard Stowe of the
North Midtown Arts Center

 March 21 - April 8, 2011
Awards Reception: April 1, 2011 - 2:00 p.m.

Senior Show
daniel johnson and Christina Brumfield

 April 15 - May 7, 2011
Gallery Talk: April 15, 2011 - 2:00 p.m.

Fall 2010


Nicole Hand and Jim Bryant
Professors of Art, Murray State University
"Works on Paper"

Both artists present recent prints and handmade books in the collaborative exhibition.

Showing: August 24 - September 20, 2010
Friday Forum: September 3, 2010 - 12:30pm

Sandra Murchison
Professor and Chair of the Art Department, Millsaps College
"Discovering the Delta Blues"

Murchison's exhibition includes an investigation into how the Mississippi Blues Trail constructs a specific past and identity rooted in music.

Colleen Keough
Visiting Assistant Professor, Millsaps College
"Sirens and Sonnets: New Works from Old Parts"

Keough's exhibition includes a number of new (and not so new) digital prints, video and paintings.

Faculty Show 2010 (Sandra Murchison and Colleen Keough
October 1 - October 29, 2010
Gallery Talk: October 8, 2010 - 2:00 p.m.

AN INSTRUCTIONAL: A Touring Visual Arts Exhibition
Presented by MART

See a video about the exhibition at my601.com!

Co-Curators and artists Ciara Scanlan and Matthew Nevin present "An Instructional." The exhibition challenges the traditional roles of curator, artist and artwork and will include an incredible collection of North American and European artists' work. Scanlan and Nevin,  will also work with Art Department faculty and students in creating a performance-based piece unique to this show.

Showing: November 5 - November 29, 2010
Gallery Talk:
November 12, 2011 - 2:00
Performance, Galloway Residence Hall: November 19, 2011 - 7:00 p.m.

Spring 2010

Sandra Murchison
Professor and Chair of the Art Department, Millsaps College

Brent Fogt
Assistant Professor of Art, Millsaps College

Faculty Show 2010 (Sandra Murchison and Brent Fogt)
January 11 - February 1, 2010
Gallery Talk: January 22, 2010 - 2:00 p.m.


Melissa Stern
New York Artist
"Loose Lips"

New York Artist, Melissa Stern:

Showing: Monday, January 12 - Friday, February 13, 2010
Thirteen short stories, told in small, mixed medium drawings. For each story there is a choice of three endings. Viewers are asked to vote on the ending that they prefer. The resulting "winners" will be made into a master book and donated by the artist to Millsaps.
Friday, January 23
12:30 pm
Room AC215
"Friday Forum" talk, with reception following in the gallery

Sandra Murchison:

Exhibition Dates: Monday, January 12 - Friday, February 13
Sandra Murchison: "Odds and Ends"
Recent mixed media works by Associate Professor & Chair of Millsaps College Art Department, Sandra Murchison.
Friday, January 16
2:00 pm
Gallery talk with reception

Exhibition dates: Friday, February 20 - Thursday, March 19
Millsaps Hosts the 2009 Annual Mississippi Collegiate Art Competition
A statewide competition for college students with over 600 entries narrowed down to 100 entries. Find out more about the competition. Juror: Professor of Painting and Drawing at Louisiana State University, Michael Crespo.
Saturday, February 21
2:00 - 4:00 pm
Awards reception

Friday, March 27 - Tuesday, April 14
Millsaps College Annual Juried Student Exhibition
Submissions due Monday, March 23. Juror: Professor of Printmaking at Mississippi College, Steven Cook.
Friday, April 3
5:00 pm
Awards announcement and reception
Light refreshments, music and awards sponsored by the Art Club

Monday, April 20 - Monday, May 11
Senior Art Exhibitions for Clay Hardwick and Toni Manley
Monday, April 20 at 4:30 pm
Senior gallery talks



Alison Byrnes painting exhibition: "Mors Voluntaria and Other Misfortunes"
Monday, August 25 - Tuesday, September 30
Friday Forum/Gallery Talk with reception on Friday, September 12 at 12:30 pm
Installation Space by Brent Fogt: Sculptural Installation
Monday, August 25 - Tuesday, September 30
Tad Lauritzen Wright Exhibition: "Philosophy of Beauty"
Monday, October 6 - Wednesday, November 12
Gallery Talk on October 15 at 12:00 pm

FLIPPING THE BIRD a Mid-America Print Council sponsored portfolio
PRINT BY NUMBER: a Southern Graphics sponsored portfolio
FLIPPING THE BIRD curated by: Margaret Craig, Instructor at Southwest School of Art & Crafts, and PRINT BY NUMBER curated by: Shaurya Kumar, Assistant Professor at Bowling Green State University. These two traveling exhibitions of printmaking exchange portfolios will be shown together.
Monday, November 17 - Friday, December 12
Gallery discussion about prints and printmaking by Sandra Murchison on November 18 at 5:00 pm

Senior Show in the Installation Space
Kimberly Moore
Monday, December 1 - Friday, December 12Digital prints by William Contino, Assistant Professor at Alfred University
Gallery talk: Dec. 1 at 12:00 pm

Faculty Exhibition
Brent Fogt's & Sandra Murchison's recent works
Monday, Jan. 14th - Wednesday, Jan. 30th, 2008
Gallery Talks and reception on Friday, Jan. 18th at 2 pm

Solo Exhibition
Digital prints by William Contino, Assistant Professor at Alfred University
Friday, Feb. 1st - Tuesday, Feb. 26th, 2008
Friday Forum / Gallery Talk and reception on Friday, Feb. 1st at 12:30 pm                      

Annual Juried Student Exhibition
Monday, March 3rd - Tuesday, April 1st, 2008
Awards announcement and reception - Friday, March 4th at 2 pm

Senior Gallery Talks by Kathleen Carmon, Kalea Hardwick& Jonathan Webb First Senior Studio Art Exhibition
Friday, April 7th - Thursday, April 17th, 2008
Senior Gallery Talks by Kathleen Carmon, Kalea Hardwick & Jonathan Webb - Monday, April 7th at 4:30 pm        






Second Senior Studio Art Exhibition
Monday, April 21st - Sunday, May 11th, 2008
Senior Gallery Talks by Michelle Allen, Alyce Howe, Mathew Puckett & Petra Vackova - Monday, April 21st at 4:30 pm

"Related in Faith" and "Hidden Treasures" Traveling Print Portfolio Solo Exhibition
Greely Myatt: Professor of Art at The University of Memphis
"Seentences: visual sentences and issues of seeing"
Friday Forum & Gallery Talk: Friday, November 30th, 2007 at 12:30 pm
Exhibition: Monday, October 29th - Friday, November 30th, 2007

Solo Exhibition
Elizabeth Mead: Assistant Professor of Art at William & Mary College
"Situational Site: Sculpture and Drawings"
Exhibition: Friday, August 24th - Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

Senior Art Exhibition 2007
Candace Jones
"Related in Faith" and "Hidden Treasures" Traveling Print Portfolio
Gallery Talk: Thursday, March 29, 3 pm
Show: March 26 - May 14, 2007

Portfolio Exchange and Traveling Exhibition

Portfolio Exchange and Traveling Exhibition
20 Participating Artists: Janet Ballweg, Laura Berman, Lisa Bigalke, Margaret Craig, April Flanders, Ron Fundingland, Karla Hackenmiller, Anita Jung, Karen Kung, Hilary Lorenz, Beauvais Lyons, Sandra Murchison, Fred Mutebi, Robino Ntila, Johanna Paas, Mary Jane Parker, Benjamin D. Rinehart, Jennifer Schmidt, Paula Smithson, Tanja Softic
The Center for Book Arts in NYC: January 19 - March 31, 2007; Reception February 16, 8 pm
The Lewis Art Gallery at Millsaps College: February 5 - March 8, 2007
The Southern Graphics Council Conference at the Kansas City Art Institute: March 21 - 24, 2007
Southwest School of Art & Craft: March 31 - May 30, 2007






Leandra Urrutia - "Reciprocal"
Gallery Talks: Monday, November 6, 12:00 pm
Show: November 6 - December 15, 2006


Traci Molloy & Kristin Powers Nolin - "Peripheral"
Show: September 25 - November 3, 2006

"Wound Up  -  Unwound"

Anne Pearce - "Wound Up - Unwound"
Gallery Talks: Friday, September 22, 12:30 pm
Show: August 28 - September 22, 2006

Senior Art Exhibition 2006

Senior Art Exhibition 2006
Daniel Fitz, Emily Hildebrand, and Bridget O'Brien
Gallery Talks: Monday, April 3
Show: April 3 - May 14, 2006

"Third Period"

School Days: Cafeteria Plan
"Third Period"
This print portfolio represents the work of 24 artists and educators. Each participant was asked to depict one of his or her most vivid experiences as either a student or teacher.
Front: Selected portfolio images
Curated and designed by Benjamin D. Rinehart
Show: February 6 - March 2, 2006

Dale Inglett, Michelle Acuff

Millsaps College Faculty Exhibition 2006 - Dale Inglett, Michelle Acuff
Gallery Talks: Wednesday, January 4, 7:30 pm
Show: January 16 - February 2, 2006

Millsaps College Faculty Exhibition 2006

Millsaps College Faculty Exhibition 2006 - Michelle Acuff: sculptor, installation & video artist
Sandra Murchison: printmaker, painter & fiber artist
Gallery Talks & Reception: Wednesday, January 18
Show: January 17 - February 2, 2006




Bagles & Grits

Bagels & Grits: Exploring Jewish Life in the Deep South

These photographs by Bill Aron are a part of the permanent collection of the Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience.
This exhibit is sponsored by the Millsaps Faith & Work Initiative, in conjunction with the Jewish Film Festival: Nov. 5-8, Millsaps College.
Dr. Stuart Rockoff, Historian at the Institute of Southern Jewish Life, will be giving a guided tour of the exhibition on Friday, November 11th, at 12:30 pm in the Lewis Art Gallery.
For more information about the exhibit, the guided tour, or the film festival, call 601-974-1314.
Photograph: Shabbat Cotton
Show: Monday, November 7 - Thursday, December 8, 2005


On and Off the Wall

Andrea Prince - "On and Off the Wall": Paintings on Paper
Gallery Talk: Friday, September 23
Show: September 23 - November 4, 2005


"Cosmos Circus:"

John Siblick - "Cosmos Circus:" Mixed media on paper, including print works
Assistant Professor at Upper Iowa University
Show: August 22 - September 22, 2005

Millsaps College 2005 Senior Art Exhibitions

Millsaps College 2005 Senior Art Exhibitions
There are two separate shows this year, with three seniors in each show. Seniors will be explaining their thesis body of work during their gallery talks.
Showing in the first senior exhibition: Holly Jacks, Samantha King & Walter Young.

Gallery Talks: Friday, April 22nd. at 2 pm.
There will also be a video screening of Walter's work in AC215.
Showing in the second exhibition: Edward McLaurin, Deborah Noel & Nicole Walter.

Gallery Talks: Friday, April 29th. at 2 pm.
The work is on display through Sunday, May 8th.


Millsaps College 2005 Student Juried Art Exhibition
Local artist Anthony DiFatta was the judge and awarded Candace Jones first prize for an India ink drawing. Local band Alexander's Dark Heart played at the reception on Saturday, April 8th.



Cynthia Thompson - "Murmur"
My work contains strong religious undertones and has often been described as "Catholic" in nature. The surfaces and materials I use in my work refer to skin or flesh, their ability to allure and seduce the viewer is of great importance. Using the body as the site of intense investigation, I explore the physical manifestations of denial, shame and oppression; issues surrounding the female body and the social expectations implanted in girlhood. In particular, I share my own experiences of having grown up female in the religious South.
Show: Monday, February 14 - Wednesday, March 16, 2005
Opening Reception and Gallery Talk: Friday, March 11 at 2 pm


Kelly Mueller    Sandra Murchison

Kelly Mueller and Sandra Murchison
Visiting Assistant Professor and Assistant Professor of Studio Art at Millsaps College
This exhibition will include: paintings, digital prints, installation, fiber work, and etchings.
Show: Monday, January 10 - Thursday February 10, 2005
Opening Reception and Gallery Talks: Friday, January 14 at 2 pm




Gretchen Beck

Gretchen Beck
Associate Professor of Art and Art Department Director, Concordia University, Irvine, California
"Inaadamizey: A series of drawings"
A yaasay or a proverb enables the Djarma people in Niger, West Africa to understand the uncertainty of life in the Sahel desert. Throughout this culture, proverbs often compare individuals to the indigenous trees of this arid terrain. Intriguing ways of experiencing life and finding cures for a variety of maladies fill these phrases and short stories.
Show: November 1 to December 2. 2004
Slide talk: Friday, November 19 at 2:00 pm in the Academic Complex room # 215.


Anita Jung

Anita Jung
Printmaking Professor at The University of Tennessee in Knoxville.
Received her MFA from The University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her work has been shown internationally: Argentina, Iceland, Puerto Rico, China, Poland and the United States.
Show: Monday, September 27th - Thursday, October 28th. 2004
Slide talk: Thursday, September 23rd. at 7:30 pm in the Academic Complex room # 335.

Jennifer Block-Nelson

Jennifer Bock-Nelson
Emerging Chicago artist. Received her MFA from Northern Illinois Univeristy.
Show: Monday, January 12th - Thursday, February 12th. 2004
Gallery talk: Friday, January 16th. at 2 pm



2004 Senior Show
Leslie Aldridge
Show: Friday, April 23rd. - Sunday, May 9th. 2004
Gallery Talk: Friday, April 23rd. at 2 pm

Millsaps 2004 Annual Student Juried Show
Show: Monday, March 29th - Thursday, April 15th. 2004


Jenny Allred

Jenny Allred
Millsaps College Alumni
University of Alabama (at Tuscaloosa) photography MFA student.
Show: Monday, February 16th - Thursday, March 25th. 2004
Gallery talk: Friday, February 20th. at 2 pm


Millsaps Faculty Show

Millsaps Faculty Show
Collin Asmus, Kay Holloway & Sandra Smithson
Show: Monday, January 12th - Thursday, February 12th. 2004
Gallery talks: Friday, January 16th. at 2 pm




Lisa Bigalke

Lisa Bigalke
November 4 - December 11, 2003
This show consisted of books, prints, and quilts created by Ms. Bigalke.



All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Matteo Neivert
September 29 - October 30, 2003
Mr. Neivert's show consisted of recent paintings which search for the lost identity of humankind. The piece shown is entitled "All That Glitters Is Not Gold."


Weber State University Art Alumni

Weber State University Art Alumni
August 21 - September 25, 2003
This mixed media exhibit was supported by a grant from the Millsaps Faith & Work Initiative. A gallery talk was presented by Millsaps College alumnus Betsy Bradley, Executive Director of the Mississippi Museum of Art.


Senior Art Show

Senior Art Exhibition
April 24 - May 10 2003
Gallery talks were given by:
Martha Carlson
Rebecca Nelson
Cynthia Oswalt
Crystal Helo
Christine Koenig
Ce Ce Turner


Teresa Lassaletta Kaufman

Teresa Lassaletta Kaufman
January 13 - February 6, 2003
Ms. Kaufman created the work from this show while in residence at the Vermont Studio Center. This showing consisted of monotypes and charcoal drawings.




Manda Cashman

Manda Cashman
December 3 - December 13, 2002
This show was an exhibition of Ms. Cashman's senior work.


Robert Bean

Robert Bean  
August 26 - September 26, 2002
The painting to the right is titled "Dream of Spain" and was one of many pieces in this show. Mr. Bean is an Assistant Professor at Alabama A&M University.


Meg Meredith

Meg Meredith
April 15 - May 11, 2002
This show was an exhibition of Ms. Meredith's senior work.


John Bragg

John Bragg
April 15 - May 11, 2002
This show was an exhibition of Mr. Bragg's senior work.


Claire Freeney

Claire Freeney
April 15 - May 11, 2002
This show was an exhibition of Ms. Freeney's senior work.


Jonathan Laib

Jonathan Laib
March 18 - April 4, 2002
Jonathan Laib works as an art handler for Christie's Auction House in New York and exhibits his work nationally.


Thomas Morrissey

Thomas Morrissey
January 14 - February 7, 2002
Professor Morrissey's photographic documentary of the National Vietnam Veterans War Memorial in Washington, DC. Thes images were collected between 1983 and 1999.