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Student Artwork

Department of Art


The students that participate in art studio courses at Millsaps College continually test the boundaries of their skills. The samples of student work below are only a small selection of the creations that our students have produced in the past few years.

Intermediate Drawing

"Camellia Memory"
"Camellia Memory"
by Xeniya Savelyeva

by Yuan Fang (Masaki)

"Flower of Life
"Flower of Life"
by Samantha Ledbetter



Anna Nations

Kailey Rocker

Anna Nations



Kelsey Steen

Camille Maker



Intermediate Digital Art

Beccah Lenhart
(faces projected on balloons, top, which were then popped in performance with darts, bottom)



Testimonials from Recent Students

"From art I've gained a more complete sense of history, sociology, anthropology, psychology, science, and politics. Art at Millsaps has truly helped me to bridge all the disciplines, and isn't that what a liberal arts education is all about?!"

"Art is like a modern-day time machine, to transport us to past cultures ... Besides, who wants to go to a museum in Europe and not appreciate what you see? Not me!"

"I believe that a good education isn't complete without some understanding of art, and the art history and studio classes are small at Millsaps and allow the type of interaction between students and professors that's most beneficial."