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Department of Biology

Molecular Biology Core Lab

This laboratory has many of the tools used in DNA, RNA and protein research, including thermocyclers for PCR and RT-PCR, one- and two-dimensional gel apparati and transfer modules, gel documentation system, tetrad dissector, and an Experion automated electrophoresis system.

Millsaps College Molecular Biology Core Lab


This facility consists of one greenhouse and an adjoining classroom. Students utilize this space for independent projects, and specimens are maintained here for use in classroom activities.

Millsaps College Greenhouse

Core Microscopy Suite

The department houses a state-of-the-art- core molecular microscopy facility, which includes fluorescence/DCI microscopes, software, and a variety of other equipment used in molecular and cellular research.

Millsaps College Core Microscopy Suite

Yucatan Biocultural Reserve

The College supports a 4,500-acre Kaxil Kiuic Biocultural Reserve in Yucatan, Mexico.  Located in a tropical seasonal forest, the Reserve is used for research in tropical ecology and conservation biology, and is the site of an archeological investigation of an ancient Mayan city.  The field station, used by students, faculty, and visiting researchers is solar powered and built using sustainable design and technology.

Learn more about opportunities in Yucatan.

Keck Lab

Interdisciplinary research center involving students and faculty from the Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry, and Geology departments. The Keck Center will expand the capabilities of laboratories currently used, and add yet another dimension to research done by faculty and students involved in Millsaps College's field sites in Mexico and in Albania. Learn more about the Keck Lab.