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Department of Classical Studies


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Classical Studies majors welcome the new cohort, cohors quarta, on Major Declaration Day 2014
New majors Brittany Hardy, Pooja Goel, Cali Longo, and Savannah Sykes show off their Latin declaration certificates with their cohort mascot the she-bear and their cohort name, Artemisiana

Are you ready to Meet YOUR Major?
Thursday, March 20
11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Four new students joined our ranks on the college-wide Major Declaration Day celebration.  This event gives all departments a chance to welcome new freshmen and sophomores who are declaring their academic majors.  Classical Studies invites all current majors and minors to be on hand to welcome our new recruits.  Freshmen and sophomores should drop by the second floor of John Stone Hall at 11:30 to begin their declarations! 

June 17-28th
Herculaneum Graffiti Project
This summer Dr. Holly Sypniewski and three Millsaps Latin students will participate in the Herculaneum Graffiti Project in Italy, directed by Dr. Rebecca Benefiel (Washington and Lee U.).  Students will work on-site within the taverns, shops and homes of ancient Herculaneum  to locate, measure and digitize the ancient graffiti preserved by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 CE.  The students will also conduct research on the inscriptions and contribute their work to EAGLE, an international database of ancient inscriptions.  This is multi-year project offers Millsaps students and exciting way to apply their Latin skills in new contexts.  Contact Dr. Holly M. Sypniewski for more information.