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Students and Alumni

Department of Classical Studies

Current Students

Ramandeep Kaur is a junior with a double-major in Classical Studies and English. As an officer of Eta Sigma Phi and the Classics Club, Ramandeep works with the Classics faculty to plan and coordinate fun campus events that promote Classics, such as "the Real Greek Week." She is also pursuing the pre-med curriculum and has an internship in Chemistry with Dr. Kristy Stensaas. As if she weren't already busy, Ramandeep has a workstudy job with the Classical Studies department. She is also a leader in her sorority, Phi Mu.

Featured Alumni

Brandi Buckler (B.A. Classical Studies, minor in Anthropology, 2011). At Millsaps, Brandi discovered a passion for Classics and archaeology. Between her sophomore and senior years at Millsaps, Brandi researched abroad twice and traveled to 14 countries! She received a Keck fellowship to work on an archaeological survey in Northern Albania in May 2010 with Dr. Michael Galaty. Additionally, Brandi received a National Science Foundation REU Grant to do survey archaeology in Sweden with Dr. Tina Thurston (SUNY-Buffalo). Brandi is currently pursing a PhD in Classical Philology at the University of Texas-Austin.


Philip Cortese (B.A. Classical Studies with concentration in Latin, double-major in Political Science, minor in French, 2009)
"I am in my second year teaching introductory Latin at Saint Andrew's Episcopal School in Ridgeland, MS. Since graduating from Millsaps, I've trained to teach Minimus, an introductory Latin text for younger students, with author Barbara Bell in Bristol, England and helped to extend St. Andrew's Latin curriculum down to the 5th and 6th grade level, as well as to develop a team-taught upper school Roman history-through-film class entitled Big Screen Rome. My study of Classics at Millsaps has not only afforded me a great career, but also an excuse for bi-yearly travel to Europe, as I lead trips each fall and summer to Rome."

Drew Harmon
(B.A. Classical Studies, minors in Religious Studies and Sociology-Anthropology, 2006)
"I am currently finishing a Masters of Divinity at Princeton Theological Seminary, studying theology, ethics, and church history. I can say honestly that I would not be in this place were it not for Millsaps generally and classics specifically. History came alive to me; cryptic languages vivified the world around me...and still do. Classics challenged me to investigate things I hold so dear, and it equipped me with a critical apparatus to examine and appreciate more fully my current studies. My time in classics at Millsaps encouraged me to consider teaching as a profession, and when I leave Princeton Seminary, I hope to continue that dream. I am ever-grateful to all the professors at Millsaps and their words of inspiration, creativity, humor, and insight that helped lay the foundation for a life of critical engagement and academic and personal inquiry."

Andrew Harris (B.A. Classical Studies, minor in English, 2007)
"After graduation, I worked for two years for the U.S. District Court in the Clerk's office in Jackson. Presently, I am in my second year of the Juris Doctor program at University of Mississippi School of Law. Just as the lens is a crucial component on a camera, Classics continues to give me critical focus and broad perspective regarding the different personalities, opinions, and problems I have encountered since graduation. Aside from the philosophical benefits, Classics has provided me with a broader understanding of our language. Through the study of Latin and Greek, I have become a more critical reader and writer, valuable assets in my future profession as an attorney." [Andrew was ranked first in a freshman law class of 140!]

Michael Fontaine (B.A. Classical Studies, 1998)
"After Millsaps I took a Ph.D. in Classics from Brown University and then at job in the Classics department at Cornell University, where I am currently Associate Professor. I remain grateful to the wonderful professors and fellow students I had at Millsaps. I had never studied Greek or Latin or anything about Classics prior to arriving there, so Millsaps Classics is enormously to thank for virtually all of my professional life since."

Jason Reddoch (B.A. Classical Studies, 2001)
"When I graduated from Millsaps, I knew that I wanted to go to graduate school but decided that I needed a little adventure first. I spent a year in Wuhan, China where I taught oral English and writing at the University of Science and Technology. After another year working in tutoring centers around Jackson, MS, I began a graduate program in Classics at the University of Cincinnati where I received my Ph.D. in 2010. I'm currently a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Cincinnati and still looking for more adventure. I really value my experiences in the Classics department at Millsaps. It not only prepared me well in terms of the nuts and bolts of Latin and Greek, but also broadened my perspective on life more generally."


Catherine Smith (B.A. Classical Studies, 2010). Catherine is currently working on her Masters in Library and Information Science at the University of Southern Mississippi. As a graduate assistant in the School of Library and Information Science office, Catherine is able to help Professors with undergraduate classes as well as help with the annual Children's Book Festival. Her goal is to become a School Library Media Specialist.