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Swearingen Coin Collection

Department of Classical Studies



The coins pictured here represent a small portion of the Swearingen Coin Collection, donated to the Millsaps-Wilson Library in 1990 by Mrs. Crawford Enochs and Ms. Bethany Swearingen, the two daughters of Dr. George Swearingen who collected the coins. Dr. Swearingen came to Millsaps in 1893 as a professor of Greek and Latin in addition to serving as the school's first librarian. He taught a total of twelve years at Millsaps before leaving to work for a Jackson insurance company.


The coins were collected by Dr. Swearingen during 1896-1897 when he took a leave of abscence from Millsaps to Study in Greece and Rome. During that year, he was a member of the first group of classicists who gathered at the American School of Classical Studies in Athens to gain expertise in archaeological techniques. For additional information on the collection, consult the 1993 honors thesis of Robert Niles Hooper, A Catalogue of the Greek coins in the Swearingen Collection, held in Archives of the Millsaps-Wilson Library: Archives/ LD/ 3311/ M63/ 1993/ H66.


For an example of an excellent on-line coin collection, visit the Ottilia Beurgeur Collection of Ancient and Byzantine Coins at Lawernce University.