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Summer School

Summer 2015




 First Day of Classes

Last Day to Add

Last Day to Drop 

 Final Exams

 Off-Campus A

May 10-22

 April 20-21

 April 20-21

 As Specified in Brochure

 First Day of Trip

 May 11

 Determined by Professor

 Summer I

May 26 - June 22

 April 20-21  May 26  May 26  May 26  May 27  June 22

 Summer II

June 29 - July 24

 April 20-21  June 29  June 29  June 29  June 30  July 24

 Summer Long

May 26 - July 24

 April 20-21  May 26  May 26  May 26  May 27  July 24

 Off-Campus B

July 25 - August 14

 April 20-21

 April 20-21

As Specified in Brochure

 First Day of Trip

 July 25

 Determined by Professor



Students who have already been admitted to Millsaps do not need to seek separate admission for summer school. A student who has enrolled for the summer school session ONLY must complete a separate application for admission to continue studies at Millsaps during the regular session.

You may call 601-974-1130 to schedule an appointment for advising if necessary, or to request a copy of the summer school schedule.