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2003-2004 Finalists

2003-2004 Top Essays
(files are in PDF format)

Laney Award Winner

"A Second Hand Account"
Ashley Nichols

Laney Award Finalists

"Finding My Artistic Self: A Reflection on the Past Four Years"
Leslie Aldridge

"The Ultimate Journey"
Sonya Brown

"The Praxis"
Nicole Christopher

"Confessions of a Supposed Former Chicken Tender Eater"
Jason Hatt

"I Guess I'm Already There"
Matthew Luter

"poet, novelist, tower"
Charles Mock

"Notebook 2000-04: In Search of Glimmerings"
Michael Pickard

"Faith, Fragments, and the Search for Foundations"
Kenneth Townsend

"I Am No Rhodes Scholar But I'm Doing Alright"
Lauren Turner