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2007-2008 Finalists

2007-2008 Top Essays
(files are in PDF format)

Laney Award Winner

"Niggas Don't Do That"
Chelsi West

Laney Award Finalists

"My Quilt of Words"
Elaine Blaine

"Track Listing: A Millsapsian's Soundtrack"
David Chandler

"Laughter and Tears: Millsaps' Effect on My Limbic System"
Erica Cooksey

"Boxes Are What We Live In"
Walt Duncan

"Slower to Speak"
Ashley Hewitt

"Core 10 Paper"
John Kellogg

"Identity Crisis"
Ka'trevia Kirk

"Studying Myself to Death"
Thomas Richardson

"Trading My Degree for a Diamond Tiara"
Beth Sadler