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Core Curriculum Overview


See the Fall 2013 Core Course Listings.

Millsaps students share common goals in the Core: to acquire key intellectual skills and perspectives - our "liberal arts abilities" - within an interdisciplinary context.

Core 1 introduces all students to fundamental critical thinking skills and academic literacy that are crucial to success in college and any professional career.

Core 2, 3, 4, and 5 are centered in the humanities.  They survey human expression and action across historical eras, in chronological order.  You can fulfill these four requirements either by taking four chronological, theme-based IDST Topics courses during your first four semesters, or by taking over The Heritage of the West in World Perspective, a double-credit and single year course.

Dr. Bill Storey discusses how to choose Core classes.

Core 6, 7, 8, and 9 are drawn from the social and the natural sciences and business. You will hone your liberal arts abilities within the context of mathematics, laboratory sciences, social sciences, business, and computer science. You will also be introduced to the scientific method and writing skills appropriate to each discipline. These Core courses may be fulfilled in any order.

Your capstone experience in the Core is a "Reflection on Thinking & Writing," a Core 10 essay integrated into the senior seminar within your major.

Core courses range widely across topics and fields of study. Explore what a Millsaps education can offer you!

Core Courses vary by semester.