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Fine Arts Requirement for Degree

In addition to completing the requisite Core courses, students must demonstrate proficiency in the fine arts in one of the following ways:

Completing the Heritage curriculum, or completing one four-credit hour class (or two two-credit hour classes) of the following courses:

  • IDST topics course with a fine arts focus
  • Any ARTH or ARTS course, with the exception of ARTS 2600 and art internships.
  • THEA 1000, 1410/1420 (and the corresponding higher levels of 2410/2420, 3410/3420, and 4410/4420 as well as the same courses taken for different credit hours as 1411/1421, 1412/1422, or 1413/1423 provided that the student has experiences equal to 4 hours credit), 1500, 2100, 2300, 2750, 3010, 3020, or 3030.
  • MUSC 1002, 2000, 2102, 2122, 2142

Demonstrating significant experience in creating art objects or demonstrating a prescribed level of competence in the performing arts by:

  • completing four semesters of private study of voice or an instrument, or completing four semesters of class piano, or
  • completing four semester hours in studio art, or
  • completing four semester hours in Singers or a music ensemble, or
  • completing significant participation in four faculty-directed Theatre Department productions.