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Classical Studies

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The Millsaps Classical Studies Department offers students an interdisciplinary approach to studying the ancient world. The faculty is strongly committed to each student as an individual and works to provide each student with the best education possible. Our small class size and collegial setting in John Stone Hall foster an active learning environment and a camaraderie between the students and faculty that carries on well after graduation.

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John Stone Hall, home to Classical Studies at Millsaps

What is Classical Studies?
Classical Studies (or Classics) is the study of Greco-Roman antiquity primarily through the languages of ancient Greek and Latin.  As philologists, that is "lovers of words," we believe that to understand the Greeks and Romans, you must be able to read what they wrote to, for and about themselves.  Although our approach is primarily textual, we examine the breadth of antiquity, including topics like mythology, politics, art, architecture, gender, and religion, in an attempt to make sense out of the ancient past. If you love antiquity, but don't want to learn Greek and Latin, we also offer courses in English on mythology, ancient history and Greek and Roman civilization.

What makes Classical Studies at Millsaps College unique?
Students work on a daily basis with the very faculty who provide excellent teaching, mentoring and research opportunities at Millsaps College. We train our students to be rigorous thinkers, clear writers and fluent readers of Greek and Latin. Our carefully designed curriculum moves students beyond basic translation to sophisticated interpretation of texts and artifacts in upper-level Greek and Latin classes in which students conduct research on the social, cultural, historical and theoretical contexts of the texts they read.

We also offer a truly cross-disciplinary program. We have strong ties to the archaeology program in the Sociology/Anthropology department. Many of our students pursue minors in anthropology and do field work as part of their curriculum. Through our relationship with the Religious Studies department, we also offer a concentration in Biblical Languages that includes Classical Hebrew.

Where Can I Go from Here?
Spending time abroad is crucial to understanding Greco-Roman culture. As a student in our department, you'll have the chance to travel with your professors. Not only can you receive class credit - you also have the opportunity to learn beside your professors and peers as a part of a study-abroad course in Greece or Italy.

Beyond college, our students succeed in many fields including law, teaching, medicine and a range of graduate studies. We regularly place our graduates in excellent Latin teaching positions and top graduate programs in Classics including Cornell, University of Cincinnati, UMass-Amherst, and University of Wisconsin-Madison.