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Department of History


David C. Davis
Associate Professor of History
Associate Dean, Arts & Letters

Ph.D., Northwestern University
M.A., Baylor University
B.A., William Carey College
(601) 974 -1292
Office: CC 31
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Amy Wiese Forbes, Chair
Associate Professor of History
Director of European Studies

Ph.D., Rutgers University
M.Ed., University of Georgia
M.A., University of Georgia
B.A., Louisiana State University
(601) 974 -1369
Office: CC 29
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Robert S. McElvaine
Elizabeth Chisholm Professor of Arts & Letters
Professor of History
Ph.D., State University of New York at Binghamton
M.A., State University of New York at Binghamton
B.A., Rutgers University
(601) 974 -1291
Office: CC 28
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Stephanie R. Rolph
Assistant Professor of History

Ph.D., Mississippi State University
M.A., Mississippi State University
B.A., Millsaps College
Phone: 601-974-1290
Office: CC-25

William K. Storey
Professor of History
Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University
M.A., The Johns Hopkins University
A.B., Harvard University
(601) 974 -1331
Office: CC 27
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