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Student Opportunities

Department of History


There are many opportunities for you to achieve success in extracurricular activities at Millsaps College that revolve around the discipline of history.

Phi Alpha Theta
Phi Alpha Theta was founded in 1921 as an honor society in History, and the organization currently boasts more than 75,000 members worldwide. The membership is composed of students and professors who have excelled in the study and/or writing of History. The XI-PSI chapter of Phi Alpha Theta was formed at Millsaps College to provide students opportunities through history to advance their knowledge and make significant contacts. You do NOT have to be a history major to be tapped for Phi Alpha Theta, but you do have to meet the following requirements:

  • You must be a junior or a senior
  • You must have at least a B (3.0) overall grade-point average
  • You must have at least a 3.1 average in any four history courses.

Note: One (but not more than one) semester of Heritage or one Core 2-5 course with a history focus, may count among the four history courses.

The mission statement of Phi Alpha Theta
We are a professional society whose mission is to promote the study of history through the encouragement of research, good teaching, publication and the exchange of learning and ideas among historians. We seek to bring students, teachers and writers of history together for intellectual and social exchanges, which promote and assist historical research and publication by our members in a variety of ways.


History Club
The History Club organizes films, lectures and social outings for anyone interested in the study of history, majors or non-majors. In the past the History Club has sponsored viewings of historically relevant movies, lectures by visiting historians on a wide variety of topics and dinner parties for history majors and minors. Contact Dr. Nick Brown if you are interested in joining the History Club.



Ross H. Moore History Award
The Ross H. Moore History Award is presented to the most outstanding senior history major each year.

Past Winners of the Ross H. Moore History Award:
1974, Wendell H. Holmes
1975, Joseph A. O'Connell
1976, Janet Ann Bergman & Paul Sumerall
1977, Karen Roemer
1978, Isabelle Ezelle
1979, Silas W. McCharen
1980, Ann Karen Roscopf & W. Rodney Clement, Jr.
1981, M. Jonathan Altman
1982, Debra Ann Basham
1983, John Paul Barber & Victoria Sallis Murrell
1984, William R. Wheeler, Jr.
1985, Emilie McAllister
1986, Jeffrey D. Crout & John David Smith
1987, J. Murray Robinson
1988, Mary B. Davis
1989, Laura G. McKinley & Samuel P. Stracener
1990, Emily Elizabeth Walker
1991, Anita Renée Busby
1992, Patrick William Hodo
1993, Michael Wade Fuquay & Peter Clay Holland
1994, Charles Garrett Sessions
1995, Louann Vinson McKibben & Lynn Marie Pohl
1996, Julie Lynn Kimbrough
1997, Edward Payne Atkinson & Chan Elliott McLeod
1998, Mary Kathleen Calvert
1999, Orlean Tresslar Hydinger
2000, William Norman Givens
2001, Nicholas Gareth Brown & Laura Warrene Ferry
2002, Christopher Jay Hedglin
2003, Erik Fredrick Bartlam & Rose Marie Hurder
2004, Margaret Anne Dykes & Caroline Elizabeth Hobbs
2005, Jamie Lynn Holcomb

Frank M. Laney, Jr. History Award
The Frank M. Laney, Jr. History Award is presented to a senior who plans to pursue the study of history in graduate school.

Past Winners of the Frank M. Laney, Jr. History Award:
1997, Todd Berryman
2000, Creighton Chandler, III
2001, Jessica Anne Perkins
2003, Erik Fredrick Bartlam
2004, Jason Daniel Hatt
2005, Erin Suzanne Thornton