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2013 Annual Honors Conference

Friday and Saturday, February 1-2, 2013


As the capstone experience of the Honors Program at Millsaps, all seniors graduating with Honors will give public presentations of their research.


Friday, February 1, 2013

12:30-1:30pm (Academic Complex 215, Millsaps Friday Forum)
Kirsten Clark (Honors in Communication Studies)
Katherine Kay (Honors in Anthropology)
Jasmeet Kaur (Honors in Religious Studies)
Student Moderators: John McAfee, Olivia Lane Tillner, Kathryn Smith

1:45-2:45pm (Academic Complex 215)
Kenneth Artigues (Honors in Anthropology)
Anna Church (Honors in Anthropology)
Victoria Wheeler (Honors in English)
Student Moderators: Matthew Elliott, Garrett Wilkerson, Frances Tubb

3-3:40pm (Academic Complex 215)
Emma Spies (Honors in English)
Gabrielle Richardson (Honors in Music)
Student Moderators: Andrew Marion, Austin Deskewies


Saturday, February 2, 2012

9-10:20am (Academic Complex 215)
John McAfee (Honors in Biochemistry)
Matthew Elliott (Honors in Biology)
Austin Deskewies (Honors in Biology)
Lauren Hoth (Honors in Biochemistry)
Student Moderators: Katherine Kay, Kenneth Artigues, Emma Spies, Gabrielle Richardson

10:30am-11:30am (Academic Complex 215)
Garrett Wilkerson (Honors in History)
Olivia Lane Tillner (Honors in History)
Andrew Marion (Honors in History)
Student Moderators: Kirsten Clark, Victoria Wheeler, Anna Church

11:45am-12:25pm (Academic Complex 215)
Kathryn Smith (Honors in French)
Frances Tubb (Honors in Spanish)
Student Moderators: Jasmeet Kaur, Lauren Hoth

12:30pm (Second Floor, Academic Complex)
Reception and Presentation of Phi Beta Kappa Awards