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1962 Honors Theses

1962  Angle, Mary Frances, Honors in French, Advisor: William Baskin, III

Orientalism in the Poetry of Theophile Cautier as Seen in the "Emaux et Camees" and Other Selected Poems

1962  Drais, John Harlan, Honors in Chemistry, Advisors: J. B. Price and C. Eugene Cain

Effects of Nuclear Testing on the Radiocarbon Dating System

1962  Garrison, Martha Gail, Honors in French, Advisor: William Baskin, III

Proust's Characters: An Onomastic Approach

1962  Robinson, Mary Carole, Honors in Accounting, Advisor: E. S. Wallace

Public Utilities Rate Regulation

1962  Sanders, Wiliam Riley, Honors in History, Advisor: Frank Laney

Puritanism and the English Reformation

1962  Simms, Lyman Moody, Jr., Honors in History, Advisor: James S. Ferguson

Thomas Jefferson and the South