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1963 Honors Theses


1963 Allen, Joan Gelinda, Honors in Religion, Advisor: Lee H. Reiff 

The Methodist Class Meetings: Their background and Organization; And an Interpretation of Their Function by Primary Group Theory


1963 Coleman, Lawrence A., Honors in Chemistry, Advisor: C. Eugene Cain

The Moessbauer effect.


1963 Harris, Edward Paxton, Honors in German, Advisor: John L. Guest 

The Epic Theatre of Bertolt Brecht in Theory and in Practice 


1963 Jenkins, Ann Elizabeth, Honors In Sociology, Advisor: James C. Simms

The Crisis of Individuality in Contemporary American Society: A Study of Its Causes as Articulated in Contemporary Social Criticism


1963 Shoemaker, Robert Gardner, Honors in Philosophy, Advisor: Robert E. Bergmark 

Pragmatism in the Philosophies of Pierce, James and Dewey


1963 Smith, Nell Carleen, Honors In French, Advisor: William Baskin, III 

Myth Structure in the Works of Albert Camus