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1973 Honors Theses

1973  Ainsworth, John M., Honors in History, Advisor: Charles Sallis  

The New Deal Relief Programs in Mississippi

1973  Hale, Reba D., Honors in Philosophy, Advisor: Robert T. Bergmark  

The Philosophy of Mind  

1973  Hale, Richard S., Honors in English, Advisor: Daniel G. Hise  

The Continum of Faulknerian Time as Presented in "The Sound and the Fury"

1973  Henry, Susan, Honors in Biology, Advisor: Rondal E. Bell 

Electrophoretic Study of Serum Proteins of Eurycea and Siren

1973  Loftin, Mary Grace, Honors in Political Science, Advisor: Howard G. Bavender 

The Foreign Policy Debate of the Presidential Campaign of 1972: A comparative analysis of the development of the belief systems of Richard Nixon and George McGovern as correlated with their foreign policy positions in the 1972 presidential campaigns