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1974 Honors Theses


1974  Bruce, Warren Darby, Honors in Political Science: Advisor: Howard G. Bender 

A Comparative Analysis of Executive Level Crisis Management by Constitutional Elites of the United States and the United Kingdon

1974  Cox, Llewellyn Henry, III, Honors in Latin, Advisor: Magnolia Coullet 

A Study of the Romansh People and Their Latin Dialect

1974  Holder, Sarah Fitch, Honors in Chemistry, Advisor: George Ezell 

A Screening Test for Insulin Secretagagues  

1974  Jany, Hans Werner, Honors in Sociology, Advisor: Paul Murray 

Plaquemine: An Analysis of the Period and the Culture 

1974  Langston, Billie June, Honors in Polotical Science, Advisor: John Quincy Adams 

Black Politics in Jackson

1974  Llyod, Frances Ann, Honors in Chemistry, Advisor: C. Eugene Cain 

A Statistical Analysis of Results of a Pesticide Study of Human Maternal Blood

1974  Miller, Alton Bruce, Honors in Political Science, Advisor: Howard G. Bavender 

The Just War Concept and American Churches in the American Anti-War Movement: 1965-1971

1974  Wolfe, James Hardy, Honors in Biology, Advisor: James McKeown 

A Survey of Aquatic Invertebrate Populations to Determine the Effects of Spring Flooding on a Mississippi Delta Lake