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1975 Honors Theses

1975  Bickerstaff, Janelle, Honors in Sociology, Advisor: Paul Murray 

The Mississippi Chinese: A Student Perspective  

1975  Brantley, Mary Elizabeth Tonos, Honors in English, Advisor: Daniel G. Hise 

The Theme of Fatherlessness in Walker Percy's The Moviegoer and The Last Gentleman

1975  Hendrick, Ann Gilbert, Honors in Sociology, Advisor: Paul Murray 

Sociol Movement Against Rape: Battle in a Sexist Society

1975  Johnson, Janice Marie, Honors in Accounting, Advisor: Steve C. Wells  

The Federal Revenue Sharing Program: Its Provisions, Its Iobjective, and Its Impact 

1975  Roemershauser, Douglas Estes, Honors in Philosophy, Advisor: Michael H. Mitias 

The Success of Ethical Inquiry 

1975  Wells, Franklin Dennis, Honors in Polotical Science and Administration, Advisor: John Quincy Adams 

Campaign Finance Regulation for Public Office in Mississippi