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1979 Honors Theses

1979 Boyd, Randall Cary, Honors in Business Administration, Advisor: William Frohnhoefer 

Electronic Funds Transfer in the United States

1979 Paxton, John Oliver, Honors in Greek, Advisor: S. Richard Freis 

The Tenuous Endurance; On Stasimon I, the Elektra of Sophocles

1979 Price, Ellynda Louise, Honors in Religion, Advisor: Lee H. Reiff 

Masada: Fact and Symbol

1979 Simpkins, Harry Monroe, Honors in Political Science, Advisor: Howard G. Bavender

An Analysis of the Policy-Making Role of the Supreme Court of Canada in the Development of Human Rights

1979 Wynn, Margaret Walworth, Honors in Art, Advisor: Rufus Enoch Turner, Jr. 

Impressions of the Delta