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1988 Honors Theses

1988  Arnold, Ruth Margaret, Honors in Sociology, Advisor: Allen Scarboro. 

Childhood redefined : content analysis of symbols and images in clothing.

1988  Ates, David Charles, Honors in Political Science, Advisor: John Qunicy Adams. 

The Separation of powers in Mississippi government.

1988  Boone, Susan Lynne, Honors in Biology, Advisor: James P. McKeown. 

Demonstration of effective thromboxane A2 receptor antagonists through acute arterial pressor studies in the Wistar rat.

1988  Davis, Jerry Arthur, Honors in Biology, Advisor: Dick R. Highfill. 

Maximizing growth of the Rh strain of toxoplasma gondii through proper choice of time course, injection dosage, mouse strain and fetal calfstrain.

1988  Egan, Courtney Anne, Honors in Art, Advisor: Jack Agricola. 

An Investigation into Barbara Kruger's use of words and images asa stragegy for making art.

1988  Fondren, Michael Louis, Honors in Political Science, Advisor: John Quincy Adams. 

Male athletes and the desegregation of public high schools in Mississippi.

1988  Gieger, Michael Edward, Honors in Business Administration, Advisor: Andrew Economopoulos. 

The Wage gap in Mississippi : why Black Mississippians earn less than White Mississippians.

1988  Harrigill, Keith Martin, Honors in Biology, Advisor: Dick R. Highfill. 

Elucidation of a length-tension curve equation and the physiological effect of prostaglandin F2 [alpha] on threshold and supermax of gizzard smooth musclein Lumbricus terrestris.

1988  Kendrick, Cynthia Lynn, Honors in Administration, Advisor: Richard Larson. 

Strict liability in tort : the need for comprehensive reform.

1988  Lorio, D'Ette Evelyn, Honors in Biology, Advisor: James P. McKeown. 

The Effects of estradiol and progestrone on forearm venous distensibility during the normal menstrual cycle.

1988  McDonald, Lisa Carol, Honors in Classical Studies, Advisor: Catherine R. Freis. 

The Portrayal of women in Euripides.

1988  Miller, Dana Jo, Honors in English, Advisor: Lorne Fienberg. 

Of a fair, fragile, passionate woman who fell.

1988  Pratt, Thad Christopher, Honors in Physics, Advisor: Robert T. McAdory, Jr. 

A Study of determining the water content of wet sand through theoretical and experimental considerations.

1988  Sanders, Suzanne, Honors in Psychology, Advisor: Edmond R. Venator. 

Effects of fear of success and sex-role perceptions on performanceof females in achievement situations.

1988  Scallan, Carole Catherine, Honors in English, Advisor: Judith Page. 

Virginia Woolf : reality and the creative mind.

1988  Walcott, Elizabeth Ann, Honors in Elementary Education, Advisor: Marlys Vaughn. 

Alleviation of test anxiety among gifted children through relaxation training.