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1989 Honors Theses

1989  Cummins, Dosha Frances, Honors in Chemistry, Advisor: C. Eugene Cain.. 

Viscosity characteristics of water-soluble polymers in enhanced oil recovery.

1989  Cummins, James E., Honors in Chemistry, Advisor: C. Eugene Cain. 

A Study in the foxing of paper through use of thin-layer chromatography and infrared spectrophotometry.

1989  Davis, Horace J. III, Honors in Administration, Advisor: Ray Grubbs.

The Current status of new product development activities in the commercial banking industry.

1989  Fielder, Carol Gonsalves, Honors in Administration, Advisor: Shirley Olson. 

Ladies-in-waiting : Black women in private sector, white collar employment in the Jackson metropolitan statistical area 1966 to 1985.

1989  Flowers, Betsy, Honors in English, Advisor: Lorne Fienberg. 

The Search : Zora Neale Hurston and Alice Walker seek identity as Black women.

1989  Grant, Susan Elisabeth, Honors in Political Science, Advisor: John Qunicy Adams. 

U.S. foreign aid : the price of development.

1989  Hall, Edith T., Honors in English, Advisor: Nona Fienberg.  

Chaucer's quest for poetic authority.

1989  Huff, Gayrytha F., Honors in English, Advisor: Nona Fienberg. 

Elizabeth Carter : a feminist evaluation of a blue-stocking, including upublished letters.

1989  Johnson, Heather, Honors in Accounting, Advisor: Sue Whitt. 

The Influence of legal traditions upon national liability accounting procedures .

1989  Kathmann, Erich Emil Lee, Honors in Chemistry, Advisor: Roy A. Berry.. 

The Attempted preparation of a grignard reagent from an acyl halide.

1989  Kirby, William Edward, III, Honors in Chemistry, Advisor: Roy A. Berry.. 

The Halogenative decarboxylation of aromatic carboxylic acids containing various activating groups.

1989  Laird, David Michael, Honors in Chemistry, Advisor: George Ezell. 

Susceptibility of DNA to strand breakage by x-rays, gamma rays, and the mercury (II) ion in the fathead minnow, pimephales prometas.

1989  Lancaster, Robert Edward, II, Honors in English, Advisor: Robert Whitney. 

Life, death, education, language, malaise, and Walker Percy.

1989  Lockwood, Anna Butler, Honors in English, Advisor: Lorne Fienberg.. 

A Study of river and town in the fiction of Mark Twain.

1989  McKinley, Laura Gwinn, Honors in History, Advisor: Charles Sallis. 

Millsaps College and the Mississippi civil rights movement.

1989  Pritchard, David Norfleet, Honors in Religion, Advisor: T. W. Lewis. 

Needs assessment of service providers for the homeless in Jackson, Mississippi.

1989  Smith, Dorree Jane, Honors in Religion, Advisor: T. W. Lewis. 

Survey of the religious development of the seven to nine year child.

1989  Stratas, Mike Nickolas, Honors in History, Advisor: Robert McElvaine. 

Views of war as reflected in American literature and film in the pre- and post-Vietnam eras.