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1992 Honors Theses

1992  Buckner, April Louise, Honors in Administration, Advisor: Shirley Olson.

The Nurturing approach of management.

1992  Crisler, Sarah Emma, Honors in French, Advisor: Claudine Chadeyras.

Margery Kempe and Christine de Pizan : a comparative analysis

1992  Ferrell, Samuel Eugene, III, Honors in History, Advisor: Charles Sallis. 

The Political road to the western front.

1992  Furner, Rachel Lee, Honors in Religion, Advisor: T. W. Lewis. 

The Just war tradition and the Persian Gulf crisis : moral guide or moral sanction.

1992  Hagood, Elizabeth Francis, Honors in Sociology, Advisor: Frances Coker.

Selma, Alabama : a community divided.

1992  Hamer, Eric Thurston, Honors in Administration, Advisor: M. Ray Grubbs.

Corporate social performance in the Jackson community.

1992  Hodo, Patrick William, Honors in History, Advisor: Charles Sallis. 

Standin' at the crossroads : the myth of Robert Johnson's pact with the devil.

1992  Howard, Timothy Craig, Honors in Biology, Advisor: Briton E. Shell.

Polymerase chain reaction-facilitated cloning of the triose phosphate isomerase gene from Giardia lamblia.

1992  Jackson, Ronald Vernon Jr., Honors in History, Advisor: Robert S. McElvaine

A Different tune : truth and stereotype in Appalachia / by Ron Jackson.

1992  McKie, Nathan Whitehead, Jr., Honors in Computer Science, Advisor: Cloyd L. Ezell.

Hypertext : a simple application.

1992  Pace, Kimberly Robin, Honors in Music, Advisor: Timothy C. Coker. 

A Philosophy-based entry-level music course for liberal arts curriculum

1992  Peace, Kelley Heath., Honors in Geology, Advisor: Delbert E. Gann.

Regional stratigraphy of the Rodessa formation in South Central Mississippi.

1992  Roberts, Jennifer Diane, Honors in Art, Advisor: Elise Smith.

The Art of prostitution : social influences on Nineteenth-century artistic representations of French prostitutes by Edgar Degas and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

1992  White, Nancy Wadley, Honors in Sociology, Advisor: Allen Scarboro.

The Revival of witchcraft.

1992  Wright, Lisa Leigh, Honors Administration, Advisors: Raymond A. Phelps and Edwaed J. Ryan, Jr..

An Assessment of children's hospital fundraising programs in the United States and Canada.