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1994 Honors Theses

1994  Allen, Ursula Kathryn Pentecost, Honors in Psychology, Advisor: Tracy Fessenden. 

Caring ethics and moral philosophy : a conversation.

1994  Baxter, Laura Elizabeth, Honors in English, Advisor: Mary Janell Metzger

Through her Eyes: Reading as Female Empowerment

1994  Bell, Anthony Jerome, Jr., Honors in Chemistry, Advisor: Timothy J. Ward. 

Use of cyclodextrins to enhance signals in atomic absorption spectroscopy.

1994  Booth, Angela Evette, Honors in Biology, Advisor: James P. McKeown and J. B. Hutchins.

Primary culture of mouse central nervous system cells.

1994  Cotton, Manuella Rossette, Honors in Biology, Advisor: Briton Shell. 

Using DNA sequence polymorphisms for the assessment of genetic diversity in Homarus americanus.

1994  Drott, Aimee Catherine, Honors in Mathematics, Advisor: Martha A. Goss. 

Subgroups of dihedral groups .

1994  Duncan, William Lowery, Jr., Honors in Chemistry, Advisor: Timothy J. Ward. 

Chiral Separations using B-cyclodextrin with capillary zone electrophoresis.

1994  Gilchrist, Tami Renee, Honors in History and Anthropology, Advisors: David Davis and George Bey. 

Confident images of the pioneer woman.

1994  Kees, Christopher Enochs, Honors in European Studies, Advisor: Karl Markgraf. 

Racism in pre-World War II Germany and colonial Spanish America.

1994  Lowery, Ruth Ann, Honors in Political Science, Advisor: Iren Omo-Bare. 

Politics, economics, and nuclear weapons : why the situation in the former Soviet Union precludes a United States peace dividend.

1994  Mathes, Margaret Elizabeth, Honors in Education, Advisor: Marlys T. Vaughn. 

Teaching multi-risk students.

1994  McCall, John Peter Crook, Honors in Anthropology, Advisor: George Bey. 

Verticality in the equatorial Andes.

1994  Mehrle, Robert Kersey, Jr., Honors in Biology, Advisor: Sarah Armstrong. 

The Role of higher plants in medicine.

1994  Randall, James Matthew, Honors in Chemistry, Advisor: Roy Alfred Berry. 

An Ester decarboxylation via modified Hunsdiecker.

1994  Sethi, Manisha, Honors in Chemistry, Advisor: Johnnie-Marie Whitfield. 

Investigation of the role of nitric oxide in neuronal degeneration.

1994  Webb, Robert Neville, Honors in Chemistry, Advisor: Roy Alfred Berry. 

A Study of the reaction of bromine with amines.