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1995 Honors Theses

1995  Alston, Jennifer A., Honors in English, Advisor: Michael Galchinsky 

From fairy tale to feminist critique : Lewis Carroll's Alices.

1995 Baker, Tammy, Honors in History, Advisor: Charles Sallis.

Black newspapers in Mississippi: 1867-1994.

1995 Barousse, Edward, Honors in English, Advisor: Suzanne Marrs.

The Idea of "Southerness" and the place of the Freedman : literary problems of New South literature.

1995  Blaylock, Alice, Honors in Chemistry, Advisor: Timothy J. Ward.

Enantiomeric separation using macrocyclic antibiotics in capillary electrophoresis.

1995 Crowe, Emily J., Honors in English, Advisor: Gregg Miller

 John Milton and Paradise Lost : the hidden myth behind the curtain of Christianity.

1995 Flint, Leslie, Honors in Sociology-Anthropology, Advisor: Ming Tsui.

Nurse-Midwifery in Mississippi.

1995 Henderson, Scott D., Honors in Geology, Advisor: Ed Schrader. 

Mineralogy and heavy metal ion concentration of sediments in the Pearl River.

1995 Holmberg, Sharon, Honors in Sociology-Anthropology, Advisor: Ming Tsui.

Building rainbows : a program for children of divorce or separation.

1995  Morrow, David, Honors in Theatre, Advisors: Lance Goss and Austin Wilson. 

Maternal lamentations : a play in one act.

1995 McCluskey, Paul D., Honors in Biology, Advisor: Briton Shell. 

Selection and chaos in biological evolution : a paradigm shift.

1995 Peele, Melanie Renee, Honors in Sociology-Anthropolgy, Advisors: Kenneth T. Andrews and Allen Scarboro

The Interweaving of experience : HIV/AIDS and the context of of individual responses.

1995 Pickard, Lea Elaine, Honors in Sociology, Advisor: George J. Bey III.

Production and distribution of Maya pottery : use of the acid-extraction method in clay source determination.

1995 Pitts, Mary G., Honors in Geology, Advisor: Ed Schrader. 

A Study of heavy metal ion concentrations of the sediments of the upper Pearl River and Reservoir area.

1995 Pohl, Lynn, Honors in History, Advisor: Charles Sallis.

Contrasting conceptions of liberty and union : the transitions of Calhoun and Webster, 1812-1830.

1995 Risley, Martin C. III., Honors in History, Advisor: David Davis. 

Enduring heritage : a historical study of the Islenos of Louisiana.

1995 Shirley, Carla DeAnn, Honors in Sociology-Anthropology, Advisors: Frances Coker and Briton Shell.

The Interconnected relationship between "knower" & "known" and "objectivity" & "subjectivity".

1994  Stanton, Sarah H., Honors in Women's Studies, Advisor: Anne MacMaster. 

The Female experience at Millsaps College : rape, fear, and the 'walk of shame'.