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1996 Honors Theses

1996 Barton, Diane Lea, Honors in Art, Advisor: Elise Smith.

The most misunderstood Mary.

1996 Bash, Lottie, Honors in Religion, Advisor: T. W. Lewis.


1996 Bhatia, Jennifer Judith, Honors in Biology, Advisor: Debora Mann.

An environmental audit of Millsaps College.

1996 Brown, Andy Paul, Honors in Chemistry, Advisor: Timothy Ward.

Improved enantiomeric separations with the macrocyclic antibiotics using a countercurrent process via electroosmotic suppression in capillary electrophoresis.

1996 Dann, Charles Elvin III, Honors in Chemistry, Advisor: Timothy Ward.

Enhancement of enantiomeric separations through the implementation of methods which improve instrument sensitivity.

1996 Dare, Danielle Elizabeth, Honors in History, Advisors: Charles Sallis and George Bey.

Women's roles during the Civil War.

1996 Davis, Angela Ashley, Honors in Political Science and Geology, Advisors: Charles Moore and Edward Schrader..

Costal zone management case study : Naval Air Station Pensacola.

1996 Finzel, Christina Michelle, Honors in English, Advisor: Anne MacMaster.

Margaret Fuller : reconstructing the myth of individualism in American literature.

1996 Godchaux, Gretchen Barnes, Honors in Biology, Advisors: Sarah Armstrong and Steven Case.

Purification and characterization of disulfide bond formation in purified proteins from mutant genes encoding a recombinant insect silk protein synthesized in bacteria.

1996 Green, Penny Eleene, Honors in Chemistry, Advisor: Eugene Cain.

Chemical analysis of soils from rare and endangered flora of the Blue Ridge Parkway of North Carolina.

1996 Irons, Jennifer Carole, Honors in Sociology, Advisor: Kenneth Andrews.

 I rose up in my spirit : a study of women participants in the Mississippi civil rights movement.

1996 Kimbrough, Julie Lynn, Honors in History, Advisor: Robert McElvaine.

From poor pickings to Roosevelt relief : the impact of the Works Progress Administration on poverty, politics, and people in Mississippi.

1996 Kuhns, Kimberly Ann, Honors in History, Advisor: Charles Sallis.

Gettysburg and the redefining of America.

1996 Leonard, Jennifer Lane, Honors in Sociology, Advisor: George Bey.

The evolution of terror.

1996 Lipari, Monique Patricia, Honors in Classics, Advisor: Leanora Olivia.

The cultic character of Helen of Troy : a reading of Eruipides' Helen.

1996 Massey, David Heath, Honors in Philosophy, Advisor: Steven Smith.

One nation, under God, indivisible, with separation of church and state : a philosophical assessment.

1996 Palfrey, Patricia Gayle, Honors in Mathematics, Advisor: Connie Campbell.

The calculus reform movement and Millsaps College.

1996 Redhead, Selah Ann, Honors in Religion, Advisor: Mark Ledbetter.

Monarch soup : fiction and nature of encounter.
1996  Richardson, Rachel Louise, Honors in Biology, Advisor: Dick Highfill.

1996 Ryle, Robyn.

Exile in Guyville : the lyrics of four popular female musicians.

1996  Smuck, Carol Peterson, Honors in Art, Advisor: Elise Smith. 

The Future of the past : controversies surrounding art conservation.

1996 Vallery, Christina Marie, Honors in English, Advisor: Gregory Miller.

Paradigms lost, paradigms regained : a study of intertextual and generic relations between Paradise lost, The Iliad, and The Aeneid.

1996 Waskom, Lisa Price, Honors in Geology, Advisor: David Mercer.

Ground penetrating radar and the search for unmarked graves.