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1997 Honors Theses

1997 Ahuja, Angela, Honors in Chemistry, Advisor: Timothy Ward.

Investigation of the macrocyclic antibiotic teicoplanin in a countercurrent process.

1997 Anido, Aimee Encarnacion Abad, Honors in Biology, Advisor: Sarah Lea McGuire.

Use of a novel plasmid for transposon-mediated DNA sequencing.

1997 Berryman, Todd Blake, Honors in History, Advisor: Sanford Zale.

Nationalism and reform in early nineteenth-century Germany.

1997  Daigle, Henri Dugue', Honors in Geology, Advisor: Delbert E. Gann. 

Report on hydrogeologic assessment of the Citronelle aquifer in the Brookhaven, MS area.

1997 Dutt, Bhaskar, Honors in Computer Studies, Advisor: Andrewr V. Royappa.

Software development in Java : a course planner.

1997  Gunn, Christopher Michael, Honors in Anthropology, Advisor: George Bey. 

A Modal analysis of Muna slatewares from Ek Balam.

1997 Ledoux, Lynette Christine, Honors in Classical Studies, Advisor: Leanora Olivia.

Choice and necessity in Euripides' Hecuba.

1997 Mills, Melinda, Honors in Biology, Advisor: Robert Nevins.

Flow karyotyping and sorting of channel catfish B cell chromosomes.

1997 Mitchell, Lamar Kirkland, Honors in Religious Studies, Advisor: Steven Smith.

The many, the three, the two, and the one : understanding the descent of spiritual realization in the Bhagavadgita and the Tao Te Ching.

1997 Myers, John Lamar, Honors in Computer Studies, Advisor: Andrew V. Royappa.

Computer-aided calculus instruction.

1997  Mulloy, Megan Elizabeth, Honors in English, Advisor: Gregory Miller. 

The Allure of imagery.

1997  Nash, Carrie Renee, Honors in Biology, Advisor: Dick R. Highfill. 

Measurements of isometric force at various voltages and lengths of circular uterine muscle in the non-pregnant garter snake Thamnophis radix.

1997  Roe, Dana LaNell, Honors in Biology, Advisor: Sarah Lea McGuire. 

Generation of suppressors of nimXCDC2 mutations in Aspergillus nidulans.

1997  Rogers, Shannon Christina, Honors in History, Advisor: Charles Sallis. 

The German resistance movement.

1997 Shearer, Jane Lenora, Honors in Sociology, Advisor: Carolee A. Larson.

An Examination of social structure and deviant behavior utilizing the subculture of topless dancers.

1997 Sledge, Michael Bradford, Honors in Computer Studies, Advisor: Andrew V. Royappa.

Eventualities : a Java-based group event scheduler.

1997 Watson, Benjamin McRae, Honors in History, Advisor: Charles Sallis.

Partners in progress : Mississippi and aviation.