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2000 Honors Theses

2000 Abbott, Rebecca Kaye, Honors in Political Science, Advisor: Charles Moore.

The evolution of terrorism : from protest groups to governing bodies.

2000 Akers, Lindsay Meyer, Honors in Computer Science, Advisor: Andrew Royappa.

A multimode XML-based editor for SMIL authoring.

2000 Brownell, Arnold Stan, Honors in Chemistry, Advisor: Kristina L. Stensaas.

The synthesis and oxidation of symmetric benzylic trisulfides.

2000 Carter, Brett Wilson, Honors in Biology, Advisor: Sarah Lea McGuire.

Genetic analysis of clonable extragenic suppressors of the nimXedc2F223L mutation of Aspergillus nidulans : identification of snxA, a novel cell cycle regulatory gene.

2000 Farris, Alton B. III, Honors in Chemistry, Advisor: Timothy J. Ward. 

Synergistic effects using ristocetin A and vancomycin in chiral CE separations.

2000 Hanes, Joshua Owen, Honors in Mathematics, Advisor: Darren Wick.

QH sequences and the Catalan numbers.

2000 Lacouture, Susan Diane, Honors in Mathematics, Advisor: Darren Wick.

Using Mathematica.

2000 Miles, Jaime Elizabeth, Honors in Geology, Advisors: James Harris and Stan Galicki.

A hydrological and geophysical study of an unconfined aquifer at Millsaps College.

2000 O'Dell, Andrew Steven Kemp, Honors in Biology, Advisors: Steven Case and Sarah Armstrong.

Use of reverse northern blotting to confirm differential endometrial gene expression as demonstrated by differential display--reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction.

2000 Siegel, Vanessa McWilliams, Honors in Computer Science, Advisor: Donald R. Schwartz.

Millsaps minor tracking program.

2000 Walker, Keri Elizabeth, Honors in Geology, Advisor: Edward Schrader.

Seasonal geochemical reconnaissance of Soda Butte Warm Springs in Yellowstone National Park, U.S.A.