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2001 Honors Theses

2001  Ivancic, Alexa Nicole, Honors in Chemistry, Advisor: Kristina L. Stensaas. 

The photooxidation of methyl tiglate, angelic acid, and methyl angelate with singlet oxygen.

2001  Leinweber, Ashley Elizabeth, Honors in Political Science, Advisor: Iren Omo-Bare. 

An historical analysis of the conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

2001  Mezzell, Ann Marie, Honors in Spanish, Advisor: Anne Hardcastle. 

Humor in the golden age : the comic criticism of Spanish literature.

2001  Morrison, Carla Lann, Honors in English, Advisor: Suzanne Marrs.

The optimist's daughter : vision and revision.

2001  Payne, Angela Michelle, Honors in Biology, Advisor: Sarah Lea McGuire. 

The mitochondrial DNA control region : characterization and applications for studies of spotted seatrout (Cynoscion nebulosus).

2001 Payne, Jason Allen, Honors in Chemistry, Advisor: Kristina L. Stensaas.

A comparison of solvent effects on the photooxidations of tiglic acid, methyl 2,3-dimethyl-2-butenoate, and 2,3-dimethyl-2-butenoic acid.

2001  Slayden, April Marie, Honors in Computer Science, Advisor: Donald R. Schwartz. 

PC-based implementation of AutoCRAT.

2001  Sullenberger, Alison McLain, Honors in English, Advisor: Austin Wilson. 

Quiet and other stories.

2001 Williams, Leah Elizabeth, Honors in Computer Science, Advisor: Andrew Royappa.

            Crop satellite imagery Java application.