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2003 Honors Theses

2003 Adams, Jacquelin H., Honors in Sociology, Advisor: Carolee Larsen.

The undergraduate woman : analysis of the effect of popular women's magazines on the college female population.

2003 Bajaj, Anisha, Honors in Chemistry, Advisor: Kristina L. Stensaas.

The effects of substrate structure on the singlet oxygen "ene" reactions of [alpha], [beta]-unsaturated carboxylic acid salts in deuterated water.

2003 Bartlam, Erik F., Honors in History, Advisor: William K. Storey. 

The Hague Peace Conference of 1899 : a realist interpretation.

2003 Bryson, Jeannie Raye, Honors in Geology, Advisor: Stanley J. Galicki.

Investigation of the origin and extent of a perched wetland.

2003 Caskey, Robert Charles, Honors in Biology, Advisor: James P. McKeown.

Evaluating diversity : a baseline study comparing the diversity of the order diptera in two distinct sites of the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.

2003 Coleman, Judith Claire, Honors in English, Advisor: Gregory Miller.

John Milton's blueprint for Paradise lost : the character of God as "Sovran architect" and the language, signs, and modes of understanding in the plan of His universe.

2003 Davis, Sarah Alice, Honors in Computer Science, Advisor: Donald R. Schwartz.

Campus tour scheduler.

2003 Goode, James Samuel, Honors in Biology, Advisor: James P. McKeown.

A catalogue of Coleopteran families found in disturbed and undisturbed areas in Yucatan, Mexico.

2003 Hurder, Rose Marie, Honors in History, Advisor: William K. Storey.

This little light of mine : the life of Fannie Lou Hamer and its illustration of culture's potential effect on political change.

2003 Norris, David Ronald, Jr., Honors in Biology, Advisor: Sarah Lea McGuire. 

Cloning and characterization of the nimXcdc2 F223L suppressor mutation snxA1 in the filamentous fungus Aspergilus nidulans.

2003 Parker, Kimberly Anita, Honors in Psychology, Advisor: Kurt Thaw.

Comparison of high fat, carbohydrate, and protein diets regarding release of cytokines in intestinal tissue and blood serum of rats.

2003 Purifoy, Margaret Elizabeth, Honors in English, Advisor: Laura E. Franey.

Tracing racism through the generations.

2003 Sugar, Mackey Terrell, Honors in Chemistry and Economics, Advisors: Timothy J. Ward and Patrick A. Taylor.

The chemical causes and economic effects of obesity in the state of Mississippi.